Goals Are Necessary: 3

Dale Mazurek

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Goals Are Necessary (Part 3)

Ok everybody you are about to read the third part of my project about goals. I want everyone to remember that while these goals are an excellent guide line to follow for our online businesses like I do with my affiliate marketing, they are also great keys to follow in helping us get through life lessons.

You Have To Take Responsibility For Your Actions

If you make bad decisions or fall behind in your projects you have to be responsible for it. Who are you going to blame if you take a bunch of time off and fall behind in projects and dead lines? By doing this numbers of opportunities may have gone away. You have to remember that this is no ones fault but your own no matter what kind of excuses you make.

Happy Is The Only Attitude You Want To Work Under

In order to succeed a happy and upbeat attitude is essential. It’s a proven fact in many studies that if a person lives in a happy mood most of his time then he or she will be more successful at what ever he does. This all is a reflection on attitude. Just like a happy attitude can be positive for you’re a bad attitude can do a lot in helping your business to fail. So a good attitude and a happy and healthy mind will almost certainly help you become successful in anything you do.

Shortcuts Will Only Get You In Trouble

My dad once told me that it doesn’t matter if you are shoveling ditches or you are the president you should always do it to the best of your ability and never take short cuts to get done faster. If you want inadequate or less than perfect work than by all means take short cuts. Sometimes it will require more time and effort but in the end I promise it will be worth it.

It Will Take Courage To Become Successful

If you are trying to do something that is outside the box then you are always going to have nay sayers. What I mean by this is that if most of your family are lawyers and you decide you are going to make your living with affiliate marketing then you are going to run into a number of road blocks from your family. You have to gain the courage to stand up to them and show them that you can be just as successful as them.

Learning Has To Be Exciting For You

Right from the beginning and all the way through your endeavors you are going to have to be learning. So the best thing to do right from the beginning is learn to make learning exciting. Learning will never go away so enjoy it and watch how it sky rockets your profits.

This is the end of my third excerpt on goals. I promise a lot more editions on goals. I will make a concerned effort into a new submission every day.

Dale Mazurek . http://stcajo.netsalaries.com

Dale Mazurek has spent the last 9 trying to make a living working on the internet. He met countless road blocks including many put there by himself. He has now found the affiliate marketing program that works for him. It is a program that you have to work at but he is finally seeing rewards for his efforts. http://stcajo.netsalaries.com


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