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Affiliate link Cloaking is just plain old good business sense. What does not make sense is an affiliate marketer spending valuable time and money generating traffic to their affiliate links and not doing everything possible to protect their investment in time and money by using an affiliate link cloaker to prevent their commissions being stolen from them.

There is many ways that your affiliate commissions get stolen, it is a well known fact that most people do not like other people making money from their purchases so they will go out of their way to delete the affiliate ID from the affiliate link even though they will not pay any less. Not all people do this but many will delete affiliate ID’s when they see it.

There is also theft through malicious spyware or theifware. So not using affiliate link cloaking can potentially cost you many sales. This is just one basic thing that you can do that when applied can lift your conversion rates over night and it only takes seconds to cloak a link once you know what to do.

An affiliate link cloaker is a very simple tool to use and after using it a couple of times you can cloak your links in less than a minute. Weigh up the time it takes and the possible amount of revenue you are losing from not using a affiliate link cloaker and it just does not make good business sense not to use one.

To use an affiliate link cloaker it is as simple as pasting your affiliate link into a field on the affiliate link cloaking tool, clicking a button that will generate encrypted code into a file, you then just simply name the file whatever name you wish to give it and then uploading it to your server and then you are done.

Once you have done this, all you need to do in your promotions is point your potential customers to the file on your server, that's how simple and quick it is.

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Affiliate Marketing - Does Affiliate Link Cloaking Work?
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