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Using your experience to build your downline and your income

I'd like you to take a moment and think about everything you've learned since you've started in this business. Now think back to that moment when you first discovered affiliate programs. You have probably learned a lot more than you thought. This knowledge is the key to good marketing, your knowledge is your business, it's what separates you from the crowd.

Take this advice from me and never forget it:Your knowledge is what makes you unique, that's why it's the most valuable thing you have.

Sharing your experiences, your expertise, is the best way of marketing.
Building your business comes down to convincing people that the thing that they want is the same thing that you want. They don't want to join your business, because they don't want to spend money, but make money. You want them to join your business. How do you convince them that you both want the same thing? Give them what they want, give them your knowledge. So always remember your target group: People that want to make money.

You can divide this group into three more specified groups:

- Opportunity seekers
- Business owners
- Product users

There is a different way of advertising for every kind of group. This means that you have to formulate your knowledge in three different ways to fit every group.

Let's start with opportunity seekers:
You might even have been one of them. These people are tired of their jobs, of doing the same thing every day, working for the same annoying boss all their lives. They want something else, they're looking for a way out. That is exactly what you can offer them. No, not your business, but ‘the way’ out. Yes, this way out will lead them to your business, but only after you've taught people how to handle your business, how it can become their business.

Two things to remember:
- The hardest way to catch business opportunity seekers is by offering them your business.
- The easiest way to catch them is by offering them your knowledge.
Opportunity seekers have no experience at all, so they will be very unlikely to sign up and pay for something they don't get, but they will cling on to every bit of information that you give them, that gives them a peek into the online business world and a glance at the money they can make.

Then there's business owners:
People like you. They already have some experience, gathered their own knowledge, so they are less likely to take your words for granted, so make sure that what you offer them makes sense. Offering people what you know also means accepting new knowledge from others. Never stop learning, be the expert you're pretending to be. What can you offer business owners? If your knowledge is helping you build your downline, this knowledge will be valuable to them, because they have the same goal: building their downline, promoting their business. Share your knowledge with them, let them share their knowledge with you.

Two things to remember:
- Business owners might be interested in your business offer, but:
- They will be a lot more interested once you share your knowledge with them.
It's easy to put yourself in their minds because you want exactly the same thing as they do. Business owners are a good catch because they will add extra experience to your business and to you.

Finally there's product users:
This is the group that will guarantee your long term residual income. What you want is to sell them your products, so you'll need to learn all there is to know about those products. It's as simple as that, no matter what your business is selling, get interested in it. Advertise these products by sharing your knowledge, not by giving the offer straight away.

Two things to remember:
-Building trust by sharing the right information will build you a loyal consumer group.
-Product users might also be opportunity seekers and eventually business owners, business owners and opportunity seekers might also become consumers. Your knowledge is the key.

I'll give you one last thing to think about: The people you share your knowledge with will pass it on to the next: your downline will duplicate itself because of the wisdom you've put into it.
What you know is what makes you unique, it gives you value.

Joost de Vries

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Joost de Vries (1987) is an Anthropology student living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
He devotes his spare time to his online business and to helping others grow their businesses.


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Knowledge Alone is Not Power, Knowledge in Action is Power
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