A Method For Making Income In Niche Markets


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Many marketers are making healthy incomes working part-time in niche marketing. They accomplish this by selling eBooks. By consistently doing this every week, they make good money.

This is not just insignificant pocket change either. Some marketers are making $500 - $1000 a month in their spare time. Note: in order to make this happen, they put forth effort. They are not just standing by waiting for the money to come rolling in - it won't.

It's also important to note that most of these are not your so-called experts. They may not have a large amount of knowledge about the subject of their eBook or report. They may or may not have any involvement in the topic that their eBook targets. Still they are being successful. You can do this also. With a little bit of diligence and effort, anyone can do it.

What are they doing to accomplish success?

They are just doing simple things and it works because they keep it simple. So being an expert is not required. You don't have to be the world's best authority on the topic or niche. This method will work for just about any niche market that you choose to market. The method involves you putting forth the effort to create a 5-10 page mini-report or eBook and then marketing or selling the ebook. That means that you have to find buyers. You could use many techniques to do this - Adwords or maybe eBay. There are many ways to market your small eBook.

So, since you are not necessarily an expert in the subject you choose for you eBook, how do you write the content for the eBook?

First you need to find out what is selling well - what subjects are people already willing to spend their money for. Take a look at Clickbank and check out your favorite bookstore. Once you find a topic in your selected niche that has a good market, then you are ready to start creating your short eBook or report. I suggest that you create an eBook in the . pdf format. Most computers have the necessary reader already loaded to read this format. If not it is easy for anyone to download the reader.

So you now know you subject, how do you get the content? Let's suppose that you have decided to write an eBook on how to build picture frames, with emphasis on how to make the corners fit correctly and be strong.

Now this is one of the most important parts of this method. Remember you want to keep the process simple and not require you to be an expert on the topic. Of course, if you do know the topic, you could write your eBook yourself.

If you are not, then you can go to Google or your favorite search engine and look for private label articles. Just enter keywords for you niche and look for articles or products that are available as private label articles or products.

The beauty of private label rights is that you have or you purchase the rights to the information. That means that you can alter or change it in anyway that you desire. You don't have to worry about copyrights because you have the right to use the article or product.

So you find 5-6 private label articles and you re-write them and create your eBook. You have a chapter or two on making the frames, one on how to get the frame square, how to insure that the corners are strong, etc.

As noted already, you want to keep this simple and you want your effort to be minimal. However, you really should spend some time putting “you" into the eBook. So, re-write at least some of the content make it fit your personality.

Now you need to design or get designed some graphics that will help you sell the product. Maybe some showing a person working on the corners of a picture frame. Some kind of graphic that calls attention to your topic. It will generally represent the cover of your eBook.

Using that graphic you will create a mini-website. On the website you will emphasize the benefits that the buyer can expect if they purchase your eBook. Without telling how, let them know that they will learn how to build picture frames that will have strong corners, etc.

Now just promote the mini-site. Start sending visitors to your site in anyway that you can.

Selling it directly on eBay might bring some quick profits. For eBay, it might be important to price your eBook in the 7 to 10 dollar range. While the eBay process is happening, you could work on other Internet marketing methods.

Let's summarize the method:

1) Market Search 2) Select a topic in some market niche 3) Obtain content 4) Write a small eBook on the topic 5) Create a mini website 6) Promote your eBook 7) Do it again with a different topic/niche

This is just one of many methods of using niche marketing to create a part-time income. If you want to create more substantial income - do it over and over again. As you become more efficient with the method, your time and effort on each topic or niche will decrease and you will be able to create and sell more eBooks and your income will increase.

It is working for many, why not you?

About the author: Lonnie Minton writes about List Building and Affiliate Marketing in his newsletter, eCourses, and eBooks. Sign up for his “How To Build Your List In 10 Easy Lessons" eCourse at http://www.affiliateprofitsezine.com/ecourse


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