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If they say that you're going to make $100 the first day with a single click of a mouse, don't believe them and leave the website right away. Although, there are people who really show you the path to the billion dollar industry. I used to be like you once, I was skeptical and it was very hard to convince me to buy a course that shows ‘How to Make $1000 Every Day on the Net', so first of all I want you to show a little proof of my earnings, just so you make sure that I am legit here. Scroll down to the author box, and I want you to do it right now!

As you can see I am making a decent amount and here are the methods I use:

Method One: Affiliate Marketing

I sell stuff that doesn't even belong to me, I don't have to deal with anything, all I need to do is to make a user click on my link and make him buy something, I will get commission which can vary from $1 to $100. Not bad eh? But if you think it is very easy then you're wrong. You need to take some action in order to succeed and, of course, a teacher who will cut all the B. S and go straight to the point.

Method Two: Contextual Ads

This is much easier, compared to Affiliate Marketing, but earnings are way less than you can get being an Affiliate, all you need is a web site, traffic, sign up to the Adsense program and wait for people to click on your ads and your account will get filled with money, but the con is that you get paid $0.01 per click and the minimum payout is $100, imagine how much clicks you need to get your first check.

Method Three: Surveys

You answer simple questions and get paid from $5 to $75 dollars, but I don't really like that way of making money, because it takes time, for example, I can earn $300 in an hour being affiliate, where surveys take 10 minutes and they pay $5 dollars, that'll be $30 an hour, so I suppose you can feel the difference.

To sum it up, there are three general ways, of course, there are thousands of tips, tricks, but if you want to start making money online, I suggest you find a good teacher who really knows what he's talking about and wont’ scam you.

Tim Mark is a Full Time Internet Entrepreneur Who is Making a Decent Amount of Cash at the Comfort of His Home. He Recommends 'Quit Your Day Job' eBook by Jeremy Palmer Which Helped Him Achieve this Level. This Guide Will Walk You Through the Basics and Will Turn You From a Beginner Into an Intermediate Affiliate Marketer.


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How to Earn Money Using Google AdWords and Quit Your Day Job
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