Seven Strategies How to Begin and Running Affiliate Program

Erny Setyawati

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Beginning 1996 internet is very popular in the world and communication between countries become so easy and fast. Companies do business manually become change to use information technology. By using internet technology, peoples could access every think what they want. The changing way of life, make peoples create internet home business. Companies and owners of internet home business create affiliate program. By implement this strategy, every one could sell products and programs. They would receive commission from the company and the owner. Affiliate program is so popular now, but not every one know how to begin and running it. They sign up, only interested in gaining much money. The laziness to learn, less work hard, less motivation and limited knowledge become obstacles for new comers on affiliate program. The questions come to us, is it extra difficult to implement affiliate program? Let us explain to you. Just seven strategies we should pay attention:

1. Choose the best affiliate program.

There are many business opportunity available every day. Some are good, some are frauds, and some are absolutely prefect. As new comers of affiliate program should know first, the business reputation. You should learn much about the company, the guarantee, business planning, residual income etc. New comers never read the prospect of the company, but just sign up and finish.

2. Learning much. Learning is key success on affiliate program.

After finding the best affiliate program and sign up, your next step action is learning. You could enhance your knowledge from e book, ezine that talking about internet home business. There are ezines available today. You could be subscribers free. Choose ezines that talking about internet home business, business marketing solution etc. After learning about marketing on line, prepare to run your business. The company usually publishes a newsletter for period time. Read and learn it. Form the newsletter; you would know much about the company itself.

3. Try getting leads.

Leads are important key to run affiliate program, without leads your affiliate program is nothing. Try getting leads as many as possible, because only few of them are serious to implement your program. How do you get leads? Promote and place advertisement on ezine. Ezines offer free ad. You can also promote your affiliate program to peoples live around you, to your family, relatives, coworkers, or neighborhoods. Writing article is the best promotion choice to choose. By writing article will create the best image that you are professional on your field.

4. Contact your leads.

New comers forget to contact their leads after getting them by hard work and spend much money. They let them free without take care, suggestions, and contact. They think to leave them free, can work by themselves. You should contact your leads continuously. Give personal assistant to them. Try to give information in order to duplicate your successful.

5. Create the newsletter.

You could create simple newsletter for your leads. The content of your newsletter, talking about strategies how to market affiliate program, business tool, marketing tool that belong company, you have joined. Taking article from others ezines is the best idea. Many ezines offer free article to take. You can select the article that appropriate with your affiliate program.

6. Give motivation.

Motivation can influence peoples to do that we suggest. Give motivation continuously to your leads. Give appreciated to your leads every step that they gain. Warm thanks make them motivation to do the others action. Give them understanding that gain successful on affiliate program will take time, patient, and passion.

7. Do not give up before success.

You should be ready to be leader on affiliate program. The successful on affiliates program depend of the leader. The leader should have strong motivation and never desperate to face obstacles. There is a wisdom word, there is sow, there is reap. T the conclusion is as the leader of affiliate program should have the simple words should follow; do not give up before success.

Erny Setyawati is Web Master of Bali Global Market Ezine, She is interested in writing article about tourism, business on line and affiliate program. She suggests visiting her tourism website before making decision to travel around the world. Please click free here :


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