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Affiliate Project X Scam - This Trustworthy & Honest Affiliate Project X Review Exposes The Truth


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Let's begin with a bit of background regarding Affiliate Project X. Affiliate Project X was released in October 2006, so it is a very new product. At the time of its release I downloaded Affiliate Project X for myself and have since had access to the updated version of Affiliate Project X and, therefore, I am qualified to give an honest and impartial review of Affiliate Project X, having been involved in internet marketing and affiliate marketing for a considerable number of years now.

Affiliate Project X was the brainchild of an English internet marketer named Chris. Affiliate Project X sought to teach every day people to make a part time or full time living through internet marketing and, in particular, affiliate marketing.

You may be familiar with affiliate marketing but in case you are not I will just spend a moment to discuss what affiliate marketing is and why so many people use it to make online income.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don't need your own product or even your own website to sell products online. Affiliate marketing is where you earn an affiliate commission by promoting other people's products. This has been said to be one of the appeals of Affiliate Project X because it is said to teach people to earn any form of income online through affiliate marketing in particular.

Affiliate marketing and its techniques change on a daily basis. What seemed to work well a year ago is no longer effective. Google may change some part of its algorithm (like Google Slap 1, 2 and now 3) and this means that Google will, in fact, penalize you for using methods that worked well for you in the past.

This is why it is absolute critical if you are even thinking of earning any money online that you find yourself a “mentor"- someone you trust and is proven as being an expert in their field.

Now Affiliate Project X is not an adsense ebook. It doesn't discuss Google Adsense at all. What Affiliate Project X does do, however, is discuss in detail free methods for generating regular affiliate commissions plus, for people who do have income to throw at Adwords, some effective and live campaigns that have consistently worked to promote affiliate products through Google Adwords and pay per click marketing.

Affiliate Project X is targeted to beginners, however, that being said seasoned marketers will also learn many new and effective affiliate marketing methods that will help incresae their affiliate commissions for the long term. Some of the most effective Affiliate Project X methods include the workhorse method, copying the best and spying on your Adwords competitors.

Affiliate Project X leaves little to the imagination as it goes into great detail how many people can earn affiliate commissions with absolutely zero capital outlay at all. Many affiliate marketing ebooks reveal methods which involve spending money, so this is where Affiliate Project X really goes the extra mile and makes it easier for people with money and people with none to invest to start earning commissions using Affiliate Project X methods.

Affiliate Project X also shows methods of using Google Adwords with a very small initial investment of say $100. That's all that's really required to perform an Affiliate Project X test over a few days and to tweak your pay per click campaigns as per Affiliate Project X detailed instructions. However, if you visit the website mentioned below I can show you how to set up free pay per click campaigns which means once you download Affiliate Project X you could start Affiliate Project X Adwords campaigns on the same day without any cash injection at all on your part.

Affiliate Project X is not a get rich quick scheme. If that's what you are looking for I would suggest you look elsewhere as Affiliate Project X and this Affiliate Project X is not what you are looking for.

That being said, however, if you have no capital and are committed to putting some time and work involved to start earning regular commission checks every two weeks then Affiliate Project X is exactly the kind of affiliate marketing instruction that you need. Of course, if you have at least $100 or more to invest in Affiliate Project X methods then you really could be doing yourself a disservice by not purchasing Affiliate Project X.

I give Affiliate Project X 9 out of 10 for the following reasons: One, it's easy to read and follow; two, Affiliate Project X gives a number of Affiliate Project X methods to incorporate with and without capital outlay; three, the author of Affiliate Project X actually proves the earnings he is making using Affiliate Project X methods; four, Affiliate Project X methods should work in many countries, regardless of where you are in the world: five, Affiliate Project X comes with a risk-free money back guarantee.

Affiliate Project X has my tick of approval. I trust you have found this Affiliate Project X review helpful and useful in your search for earning commission checks online. I don't believe Affiliate Project X is a scam. Download Affiliate Project X and the Affiliate Project X video for yourself below.

Copyright 2007. Wait! Don't buy Affiliate Project X unless it's from the website below. Download Affiliate Project X for your online business at and access the Affiliate Project X bonus video and exclusive bonuses (valued at over $1000.00) at my special Affiliate Project X page.


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