What is the Best Work From Home Job?


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What is the best work from home job of them all? I get asked this question all the time, alongside the obligatory, is it actually possible to make money from home? type of questions that people always ask.

Well unfortunately sunbathing or reading do not get paid so my favourite pastimes are not in the running for the best work from home job of them all. How about lounging by the pool? No I am dreaming and missing the actual point of working from home, freedom and motivation it gives you if you actually stay away from the pool and put the hours in to make it work.

Ok, so the best work from home job? Affiliate marketing would have to be up in the top 2 or 3, Adsense income would be a close contender, product creation is harder but builds a nice portfolio, network marketing is a hassle, article marketing ties into affiliate marketing. I would have to say the best work from home job is any that makes you consistent money!

Seriously, there is no better feeling that working from the comfort of your own home, without the commute, without the boss. Whether it makes you rich or whether it just pays the bills, either is a big step up from being in the corporate grinder from day to day. There are so many opportunities out there, most of them are scams, but it hard to choose even from the genuine opportunities. The best work from home job for you is whatever you take a liking to, dip you toes into a few opportunities (not committing much capital of course!) and see which you like best.

For me then affiliate marketing interested me the most, and article marketing and pay per click out of the possible traffic generation methods. Creating products just does not interest me, SEO does not interest me, co-registration scares me, you get the picture… As soon as you find something you like doing, then do it as much as you can until you get a stable income ready to leave your ‘normal’ job and work from home. There is something out there for everybody who is willing to put some effort in.

So if you follow my advice you should end up with the best work from home job in the world, one you work on because you want to, not because you have to.

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Work At Home Job Or Work At Home Business - What To Do?
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