Where Super Affiliates Hide - Part 1


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Every vendor with a product and a serious interest in affiliate recruiting must look for super affiliates - those affiliates who are high profile and will promote your product well, resulting in high sales and profits. The real task is finding the affiliates who will end up being super affiliates for your product. Everyone with a product wants super affiliates, so how does a vendor find them?

There is no one perfect way of finding super affiliates. There is a lot of searching that may go into finding them, and then there is the recruitment process to convince them to join the affiliate network for the product. But, for the most part, the super affiliates are hiding in plain sight. The reason that super affiliates are so super is that they market themselves. They use high profile sites, having websites that rank high in search engines. They also have plenty of ads and links that lead to their sites. They go to related forums to keep updated on new developments in the field and to find new sites that have promising affiliate networks to join. The super affiliates are all around you, you just need to know how to find the ones who will be right for your product and who will be willing to join your network.

Because super affiliates stay in touch with the industry, one way to find them is by looking through relevant forums for users who are already seasoned affiliates and are seem to know how to effectively promote products and bring in sales. Suitable forums may include those related to business and marketing topics, and forums that are specifically for affiliate discussions. Suitable affiliates may not even be posting in forums, but reading them regularly. For this reason, it is more effective to actually post in forums and speak to potential affiliates than to simply read posts and try to find one who sounds like a super affiliate. Get the word out - you need effective, loyal affiliates who are interested in high profits to join you in promoting your product.

Joint venture networks may also have successful affiliates who are waiting for a new opportunity to join a network. Because the sites involved in joint networks as the endorser are generally high-profile sites with a wide audience and a wide network of customers, they are idea potential super affiliates as well as joint venture partners.

Among the many ways to find affiliates, some businesses have found that hiring others to recruit their affiliates for them is more practical for them than spending the time to hunt for affiliates on their own. There are now companies that will do the affiliate hunting for you; freeing you up to complete other tasks to build your business. Outsourcing your affiliate recruiting may, at first, seem more expensive than hunting on your own, but it may make financial sense if you are having difficulty finding affiliates and your time could better be spent elsewhere. Affiliate recruiters will very likely have better luck in finding the super affiliates than you would on your own.

Jim Musselwhite is an internet marketer with a wide array of diverse, authoritative information sites including http://www.affiliatemanagementformula.com/ and http://www.youraffiliateteam.com/


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