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Where Super Affiliates Hide - Part 2


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There are several companies such as Syntryx, AMWSO, and Commission Junction, which now offer affiliate recruiting as well as affiliate management services. Outsourced recruiting includes an analysis of the relevant markets, searching for sites that contain relevant material and high traffic areas in which to place your products. A recruiter will also contact potential affiliates about your product for you, providing marketing materials to potential affiliates to interest them in promoting the product. For interested affiliates, a recruiter will then enroll them into the network, making it easier for the affiliate and for the vendor.

And, outsourcing your recruiting tasks no longer has to involve simply recruiting. Some affiliate recruiting companies also take an authentic management role, helping to analyze your affiliate network and determine how to get more affiliates interested in selling your product. This may include adjusting the commission price that you are willing to pay affiliates, if the research shows that your commission rate is significantly lower than that of other similar companies. This may also include tweaking your marketing or your website to better attract and keep affiliates.

Outsourcing the recruiting is one way of finding super affiliates, as the higher the number of affiliates in the network, the better chance there is of landing one or more super affiliates. Also, many affiliate recruiting companies specialize in identifying the most effective affiliates. Syntryx, in addition to their recruiting services, also offers tools for the vender to find super affiliates. These include ways to identify top affiliates in different markets, as well as providing the appropriate contact information. There are even tools to identify affiliates for competing products and to contact them to promote your product.

To decide whether outsourcing your recruiting is a viable option for your business, keep a log of the time spent recruiting affiliates, and how many affiliates were signed up during that time. It is also helpful to keep records of how well the affiliates that you recruited have been selling. Having effective affiliates to promote the product can make or break a company. If a vendor spends most of their time looking for affiliates, and then the affiliates recruited have not been selling well, it may be time to hire someone else to do the recruiting.

If a vendor has signed many, many affiliates, but the other aspects of the business have been suffering from the time spent recruiting, that may also be a sign that the recruiting should be outsourced. Even if a vendor has had success in recruiting and already has an effective affiliate network, the vendor may simply be curious as to how much better a professional recruiter will be at finding high selling affiliates.

Having an effective network does not always mean that there are super affiliates in it. But, finding these high sellers is the goal of most recruiting companies. If you are actively recruiting affiliates and still the product is simply not selling, a recruiting company may be the only option to keeping the business afloat.

If the company budget does not allow outsourcing, or if you are just more interested in trying to find super affiliates for yourself, there are many tools available to help you hunt them down. By using simple search engines it is possible to discover where the super affiliates are hiding. To quickly find high-profile sites that are related to your product, simply use Google to look up similar product marketing. The first page or two of results are the ones ranked the most highly for the keywords that you searched. It may take a few searches of related keywords to find the top spots for different words related to your product. The top results are sites that generally understand the search engines and how to get the best placement. They are also the ones who will be getting the highest traffic, and the chances are good that they are run by super affiliates.

After discovering the top sites, take a good look at them. Note the site’s counters if they are available, what the content looks like, and what products are being sold there. If a highly-ranked site looks relevant to your product and seems like it would be effective at marketing your product, it would be a good idea to contact the webmaster and pitch your product and its affiliate program.

(to be concluded in Part 3)

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Affiliate Revenue - The Five Secrets Of Super Affiliates
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