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Where Super Affiliates Hide - Part 3


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Always make use of search engines in your affiliate recruiting efforts. Using search engines to find super affiliates makes it easier to find these "gems" in what is otherwise a pile of rocks. There are other search engines that you may want to try in addition to Google, though Google is the one that the vast majority of people use regularly. There are also search engines that compile results from several different search engines. Ixquick is one of the compilers, bringing in search results from many of the larger search engines other than Google, which it does not compile from. Ixquick is a quick way to search rather than searching five or more search engines yourself. Finding the results from this search work in the same was as a Google search, and it may come up with different sites to contact.

Google’s appeal in the hunting of super affiliates is not limited to just searching for the top sites, however. There are other uses for Google that will make finding even more top-ranking sites possible in less time. By using Google Adwords, many potential keywords used for the product can be revealed. Google Adwords has a specialized keyword tool that finds the best keywords related to the product, and reports, free of charge, several different statistics related to those search words.

The analysis provided includes the seasonal trends related to the searches as well as the general search performance of the words globally. Entering keywords and phrases into the keyword tool will generate search volume results for the words. Changing the words and finding more popular variations will aid you in finding keywords that are the most popular for your niche. Then, try these words and phrases in the main Google search to find sites that you may not have found otherwise, and find even more potential super affiliates.

If you are not certain about what related keywords would be the most effective for your page, Google Adwords has a remedy. The tool can be used to find the words for you. First, enter the specific URL into the keyword tool’s search box. This will actually find keywords for you that are related to the page that was typed in. These keywords will then be analyzed for the same statistics for search performance and seasonality.

And, using these tools is not just helpful in finding super affiliates. Finding the appropriate keywords for your site is a helpful thing to provide to affiliates as an extra tool to help them with promoting. The most effective words can be added into the pre-made ads given to affiliates as well as listed separately for affiliates who want to write their own ads.

Once a high-profile affiliate is found, it is a matter of convincing them to promote the product. Super affiliates are used to high profits, and they may not be willing to take on products with a lower profit margin than the ones that they are already selling. To snag one of the big players, it may be necessary to negotiate your terms, and perhaps to offer them a higher commission rate than you would ordinarily offer.

When approaching a potential super affiliate, be sure to make it clear to him what will be in the deal for him. Offering extra affiliate tools, training, and support may not be necessary for a super affiliate, but it will demonstrate your level of commitment and your availability. And, even super affiliates can benefit from the time savings of pre-made tools such as the pre-written ads you offer. Make the process easy and offer good terms and support, and a super affiliate may just be yours for the asking.

A super affiliate doesn’t just bring in sales for you and commissions for himself- he also publicizes your product, bringing it increased recognition that can translate into higher sales for all of the affiliates. Having one or two heavy hitters in the network is also a powerful selling point when recruiting other affiliates for your network. The higher profile your product is, the more likely it is that potential affiliates have heard of it, and the more profit will be found in selling the product. With one or more effective, high-profile super affiliates in your network, you may not have to worry about affiliate recruiting for long- they may start coming to you and asking to join in your network.

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Affiliate Revenue - The Five Secrets Of Super Affiliates
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