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Let’s face it, there are thousands of affiliates but only a small percentage makes money. This can be the result of different mistakes. Some people do not work hard enough to achieve their goals and others just don’t know how to do it. But to make a good living from affiliate programmes there is another factor involved. You must been able to recognize a killer affiliate programme. In the next steps I show you how to do it.

The sales letter.

The sales letter is the most important thing. I’m sure you have heard about already the rich jerk. Sure there are better e-books out there but the fact is that he has a very high conversation rate thanks to his incredible sales letter. A good sales letter must catch the attention of the reader immediately. The merchant must prove on the sales letter that his product is the best. On the sales letter you must been able to find a list of benefits. Some merchants put up some screenshots on their homepage however I prefer videos. A lot of people know Photoshop and it’s not difficult at all to fake a screenshot. Yes some people can fake videos too but it is much more difficult. Tell a little bit but not everything. Make sure the merchant tells a little bit about the products I have seen products especially in internet marketing where the whole sales page is a secret. Do not promote such a thing. Make sure there is a call to action on the page. such as buy this e-book know before everyone does.

Payment methods and price

As an affiliate I try to get a least a 20$ commission for every sale I make. I have seen merchants promoting products in niches with a 50$ value but they only charge a few dollars for it. Look why spend your time for a few book why you can make ten times more. The creator of the e-book has to offer several payment methods such as credit card, e-check, paypal. If the merchant add a sentence such as “I guarantee that your payment will be safe” is a good sign. This depends from country to country and from affiliate programme to affiliate programme but most of the times you get a money back guarantee. The auteur of creator of the products has to mention this in his sales letter. Yes there can be a disadvantage that people buy books or products and they ask a refund immediately although they found the product excellent.

Resources for affiliate

It has come to my attention that there are still a lot of people trying to catch affiliates to promote their product(s) but they do not offer any help to them. Nothing is worse than signing up for an affiliate product and find out that there are more tools to promote. Which tools should been available.

Articles: Article marketing is a very effective way to promote a product both as merchant or as affiliate. Of course you have to rewrite the articles before you send them to online article sites.
E-mail newsletter: The money is in the list and that’s true. The merchant has to offer a list of list of newsletters that you can promote to the members of your list. Studies have shown that most people are buying the seventh time they have seen the product.
A list of keywords A few years ago you could advertise on very popular keywords for only a few cent. These days are long ago and keyword research has to become a profession on his own. However it’s always nice to see if the merchant offer a list of keywords so you can start straight away with advertising on search engines.
Graphics and text links: For some sites graphics will work better then text links and for other is it vice versa. If you use graphics make sure to not over use them.

When it comes to helping affiliates than I have found out that more niche (health products) is the best affiliate party. They have thousands of articles, banners, free e-books and even a start up guide for newbie’s in the affiliate world.

I hope you have enjoyed this article keep always in mind marketing is a profession of testing and improving.

Frederik is an affiliate marketer and writes about different topics such as adwords, adsense, seo and more
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