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Basically just being an affiliate spells the nature of laziness in each one of us. Or perhaps we can call it the easy way out. I mean how in the world do you or I know about creating a product to sell? Mind you, it is not simply any product, but a Hot product where you have people begging you to sell to them or allowing them to sell it for you.

This skill would be a long process to learn. So the easiest way out here is simply be their affiliate. Now if you do not know what the term affiliate means, it is the term for a reseller. So here we do not need to crack our head to invent a hot product, by reselling a ready created hot product or being its affiliate, sometimes we can earn as much as 75% of the selling price. How does that sound to you? Not the inventor and yet you are having a better deal by getting up to 75% of the selling price.

As you can see, only the power of internet allows you to enjoy such a unique money making opportunity. I am not saying anything bad about the inventor. They have their fair share of profits even though they only get say 25% of the selling price. You have to know that these inventors would have a lot of affiliates selling the same products for them. So while each sale percentage is smaller than the affiliates, their profits are piling up by the sheer quantity of sales. There you go, a win-win situation for everybody.

Now that you have found a Hot product to sell without much effort on your side, here comes the hard work, Internet marketing. Selling the product on the internet is not that easy as it seems. While you can pay for well designed website, attractive and compelling enough for visitor to want to buy the product offerings, you have to find a way for people to find and click onto your website. Otherwise, your first class website is just for your own private viewing pleasure. I am sure you do not want that right?

Sadly, there are millions of beautifully designed websites out there attracting no visitors as the owners do not know how to drive traffic to them, and they are left there for the owners’ private viewing pleasure. You do not need to be in their same plight. Yes we can get others to design the website for us, we will need to learn on our own the ways to market or to drive traffic to the desired website. Remember, no free lunch. I would say that it is only fair that we are now putting 50% of our time on marketing as we had saved 50% of our time by not inventing the product. We as affiliate still have a rather good deal.

While we are often blown away by the claims that certain affiliates make millions of dollars just by promoting other people’s products, take note that there are millions of dollars being spent by affiliates on marketing products. What we should be looking is to make sure that our sales are more than our marketing expenses. So please do not be carried away with your advertising campaign. Go for the long term strategies to combine with some short term. You will find that the long term strategies usual cost you much lesser, if not free. But the short term, by its nature can bring you fame pretty fast, but at the expense of a burnt pocket.

One final point to note if you are vying to be the top in this field of affiliate is to get hold of the product that you are selling. Read, understand and apply whatever you have learned immediately. On the rare occasion that you come across such product whereby it offers you knowledge and on top of it all, offers itself as a hot product for you to market, just grab the chance to do it. Remember, if it is not a hot product, you would not have purchased it in the first place.

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