BEWARE! That Online Affiliate Marketing Program Review May Be Fake And Misleading!

Patrick Ubuane

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It is generally believe that any review about a product and service do emanates from an independent mind. It is therefore held as sacrosanct by readers. As steeper competition and products increases, consumers always rely on independent reviews, testimonials and consumers’ ratings to guide their purchasing decision.

Traditionally, product reviews are unbiased, correct, right, proven and trusted. In fact, reviews are held as god by most buyers, especially online. But unfortunately, this credible tradition is now being trampled upon by some desperate and unscrupulous fellows online.

In the affiliate program marketing world, it is being masterminded by the scam-minded merchants and biased money monger affiliate marketers.

The Desperate Merchants

Today, there are many merchants who discreetly sponsor ‘ghost reviewers’ to write and publish nice things about their poor products and service. They intentionally projected a bad product or sub-standard product as the best among the rest!

This negative trend end up misleading genuine buyers as they often order products that fall below expectations. The sponsored ‘ghost reviewers’ normally carry out their nocturnal trade through articles, forum posting and blogs.

They write articles filled with ‘benefits’ of the products and post to directories and forums. Their blogs are highly optimized on search engines and heavily promoted side-by-side with the legitimate ones.

The biased, praise-singing affiliate marketers and ‘gurus’

There are also many blind affiliate marketers online who will do anything to earn affiliate commission from the merchants. These set of affiliates also promote sub-standard products and services via product reviews in articles, static websites, blogs and constant forum posting.

Some affiliate marketers are praise-singers even for products they haven’t seen or tested themselves. And even when they know that the product lack reputation or perform below standard, the praise-singing affiliates will still go ahead to stamp endorsement in form of 5-star reviews!

There is the problem of so called ‘guru’ affiliate marketers who daily bombard their opt in list, deliberately praising half-baked products. And the only motivation for these ‘gurus’ is the huge commission promised them by the merchants to roast their list. They are readily available to exchange their conscience and integrity to promote useless product to their list.

I remember, very vividly, my own sordid experience in 2006. A highly respected organization sent me a mail announcing a ‘got –sent’ program that later turned scam. I lost my money and was utterly disappointed. Due to the respect I have for this guys I thought they made a genuine mistake by endorsing the affiliate program.

So I was encouraged to send a polite letter concerning this issue. Alas – their response was a furious reaction. You know what they did to me? They arrogantly removed me from their list! This further lay credence to the fact that some guys are building opt in list in order to milk out people’s hard earned money.

For example, can you imagine reading a ‘great review’ and testimonials about a well known scam affiliate program called Do you still remember the outrage that followed this program and others of its ilk?

They were banned by google and de-listed by clickbank for engaging in serious scamming of customers? Yet, there are tons of ‘positive reviews’ still flying across the internet about them. Well, your guess is as good as mine!

However, let me say that there are still genuine product reviews about proven affiliate programs online. But you must learn to carry out diligent research and also run away from any affiliate marketing program promising you wealth with little or no work.

Let me recap by reminding you that the first step to separate the fake reviews from the genuine ones, you must guide your loins against programs promising to make you rich overnight. Search for the truthful, trusted and independent affiliate marketing program reviews to guide you along.

Again I say – beware because thousands have been burnt!

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