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Affiliate Marketing Do Nots

Dale Mazurek

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There are so many different programs out there that promise you the world. What I want to teach you in the next couple of weeks through my articles is that common sense and hard work do have to come into play eventually if you want to become successful in the affiliate marketing field.

Too many new marketers jump in to new programs way too fast. They don’t take any time to research the companies they are joining. They see nothing but dollar signs but I am here to tell you that if it seems too good to be true then it probably is. To many new affiliate marketers end up angry when there not making money in a couple of days. This article is a quickie guide to the most common mistakes new marketers make and how you should avoid those mistakes.

1. Patience

Even for the best affiliate marketers out there it takes time to build a customer base. The guys that are making tens of thousands of dollars a month didn’t start making that kind of money with in a few days. This took them years to get to these levels. First thing you have to do is pick an affiliate program after studying the program very carefully. It’s very important to change your content on a regular basis. Update your site at least once a week. When holidays come you have to add in some holiday based themed pages and make sure you stay up to date with all product information. The most important part is to stick with your program. If you keep changing programs month after month I assure you not much will ever come out of it.

2. Don’t Take On Too Much

Probably the biggest problem that affiliate marketers fall prey to are joining too many programs. By doing this you are setting your self up for a fall because you just can’t keep up to maintaining and taking care of all these programs at once. My recommendation is two or three programs at the most. With this many programs you will be able to easily take care of all your programs. To lots of people they think loading up their site with a couple of dozen programs is the way to go but there is no way you will ever keep up so all that’s going to happen is that you will get frustrated and give up.

3. It's Not Easy

Please stay away from programs that promise you tens of thousands of dollars over the weekend. Or programs that tell you to set up on auto pilot and watch the checks come in. These programs are just scams and that’s all they ever will be. If you’re not willing to put in time and effort in the affiliate marketing business than I suggest you don’t even get started. Every business takes a major amount of time and effort to get started and the affiliate marketing business is no different.

I promise you will make money affiliate marketing but not if you think it’s going to happen over night. Slow and steady wins the race and that my friend is a fact. I used to get frustrated when I wasn’t making money overnight but now that I have chosen a few programs and stick with them I have seen a drastic change in my life style.

Dale is quickly becoming very successful in the affiliate marketing field. To check out his exploding programs you can go to or Or check out his growing blog at


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