Basic Survival Strategy for Affiliate Marketers


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After spending years in this industry, working very hard and toiling for the best results we have found out the elements of good marketing which yield spectacular results in minimum amount of time. These elements have proven their worth in the past and will definitely continue to prove themselves worthy in the near future.

Some of the skills that will help you to survive in this industry of affiliate marketing are:-

1. One should dedicate one website for one product instead of cramping in all the products in one single web page. If you cramp up all the products on a single webpage then you are likely to save expenditures in the short run, but you may suffer loses in the near future. Instead it is advisable to have a website for a single product. You can include the review of your product on your webpage so that the potential customers can get to know about the things that can happen to them after using the products. It is better to include the testimonials of the users of the product on the webpage of the product. Before doing so you should be 100%sure that the users are willing to display their name and photograph on the website. Articles that speak about the uses of the product can also be included on the webpage, since they are likely to be of a great help. It is very important to pay due attention to make the webpage look more attractive and this key element should not be ignored. The headlines and titles should be catchy and attractive, so that the viewers are forced to contact the seller immediately. It is very important to highlight the special points, so that the viewers are impressed and would like to make an enquiry about the product.

2. The viewers can also be provided with free reports that can help in increasing the level of sales of the seller. Reports should be placed in such a place that the readers can never miss them, they should be preferable be placed at the top of the page. Create an auto responder so that you can send messages to the viewers who sign up. There are two outcomes which are likely to happen when somebody visit your website, either that person will turn out to be one of your clients or his will leave your web page and never return in the future. You can send details of your product to your clients at regular, so that you can remind them about your product at regular intervals and thereby improving your sales. The content of such reminders should include information for a specific reason of buying the product and the customer should in no manner feel that it is just an attempt on your part to sell your products because in that case the customer might just lose his interest. You should emphasize more on the benefits of using your product and how can their usage help you in making your life easy. You should try to avoid the usage of the words like ‘Free’ because these are now considered as old techniques and hence they are not likely to yield much response from the customers. You should make the people, who had visited your site, realize that if they don’t buy your product then they are likely to lose a great opportunity.

3. Next come the task of attracting quality traffic to your website because if people who have no interest in your product visit your site then it will be like wasting your time on those customers. Such type of customers will visit your site, move on and he will never visit your site again. An easy way to locate a customer is by writing an article in e-zine and e-reports. You should then try to make your articles look more attractive and catchy and you should write about 2-3 articles every week consisting of 300-600 words. In this case the above given strategy can attract up to 100 prospective customers easily. Thus you should try to attract 1000 prospective customers so that you can make at least 10 of them as your customers.

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Affiliate Marketing Tips - The Real Secret Weapon For Affiliate Marketers
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