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So you started out with affiliate marketing with the idea that in just a couple months you were going to be making the residual income you were promised, driving the car you want and living the exact life style you choose.

You got so excited with the idea that you jumped at it, why not, it’s basically a no brainer right?. All you have to do is build a quick web page, drive traffic, build a list and BINGO! You just made your first two sales!

Has it gone that way yet? I’m here to share with you my personal experience and also the personal experience of others in how affiliate marketing turns out many people and how to save countless of hours of experimentation and actually go down the path that bring you results.

There are a number of things to keep in mind before starting any business.

I have identified four main points that are crucial to your success. They are:

- Clear Vision

- Focus

- Concrete and applicable material

- Strategic action (emphasis on strategic)

Let’s dissect these key points one by one. So first with clear vision, as with anything in life if you want to go from point A to point B you need to be absolutely clear what point B looks like in order to get there. So how do we do this?

First, identify what you really want in your life? What does you ultimate life look like? If you had all the money and time in the world what would you be doing as a result?

This has to be written down in the present tense as already achieved. The clearer the better because you will then have utmost clarity on your path to success and achieve results much faster than you are now.

Vision boards can be real assets. You cut out images of things you would like to have, a person you would like to be or a lifestyle you would like to live.

The law of clear vision is very powerful and can work for or against you.

Now for the second point, the law of focus…

Seems like everyone has a concept of what focus is nowadays. They say just stay on task and don’t get distracted, I mean I heard that when I was in elementary but do we actually do it…the answer most of the time is no.

This is exactly what I mean (and see if you can relate). You get up in the morning all excited about the next greatest thing you will be spending your time doing in your business, you eagerly open up your email and check new messages whether they be business related or not (30min – 1hr goes by). From checking your email you are curious to explore the website links of cool new products to drive massive amounts of traffic to your website so you start web surfing (1 – 2 hrs go by). Now you find a product you really like and decide to purchase it because of the sale price and then start printing out the ebook (another 30min- 1hr goes by).

The book you just bought is probably the tenth item you purchased already that relates to making more sales and getting your business off the ground, but we have one problem, your business is not even moving and your time, energy and money are going in the opposite direction.

We consume ourselves with all these products and services that all these marketers are offering, spend endless hours surfing the internet and constantly researching things all related to business but we are not moving in the direction that we want.

This very simply is because we don’t have an established plan of specific tasks and actions that will move us forward (more on strategic action bellow).

So ask yourself every day you hop into bed, what was my main focus today? What was my intention? Was it to make modifications to my Google adwords campaign, was it to create a new thank you page for my website or was it to aimlessly browse the internet, read any and all incoming email messages and wonder around aimlessly.

I’m being quite frank here but that is exactly what is happening on a daily basis to just about everyone. Most of us have no established plan that we can give 110% of their focus and energy to but rather look for the next greatest opportunity, product or service that will make us succeed.

So we covered what we get side tracked from including materials and endless products and offers, I will cover what you should be looking for in business material and how to build a foundation of knowledge that will allow you to move forward powerfully.

So what do you want to learn about? Want to build a list? Drive huge amounts of traffic to your site? Build a profitable website or learn about email marketing? Well how on earth does one do so if there are hundreds of products and services on any given subject to choose from?

You may think that you need to find a host of good products read and study them and go from there? Or you may feel that you need to skip all that and just do the trial and error method and grow from your own experience.

I will share what has worked for me and what is continuing to work for others. The truth (from my side of the field) is to find free or inexpensive material. Go to blogs, forums, and search engines for the information your looking for, let’s say it’s traffic generation.

Find a good information source and study it (this doesn’t have to take days on end). Now this is the crucial point, let’s say you just found one product that talks about list building and another product that talks about how to write effective copy and perhaps that’s all you want to focus on. Well stick to one or two products or information services and DO NOT move on to another one until you have produced decent results with what you already have.

If you picked up a free article that talks about how you can get ten additional subscribers to your list per day in the next week and the person writing it is giving you concrete information, well then apply what he/she says and get an additional ten subscribers to your email list per day before ever moving on to another program or book that talks about another traffic method.

I have gone through this in my experience and without doing the above recommendation I have wasted countless hours spending much more than I was making with no return at all because I was literally drowning in information (commonly known as information overload).

The strategy is to find a good trusted information source, build a strong foundation of knowledge from what you read and develop and action plan highlighting the exact steps to take and start seeing results. The key again is to not move forward onto something else until you have mastered one thing and made it work for you.

This is the most important piece of advice that I can give you at this point in your business growth.

Now, last but not least is taking strategic action. I mention strategic purposely and not just in the traditional term of taking action because we have a common philosophy nowadays and quite frankly it’s flawed.

Everyone takes action towards something, that’s why their day is so busy. But the question is whether your taking the type of action in your business that makes your day busy or that makes your day productive! There is a huge difference.

What you need to do is identify the most productive and effective actions that you can take right now that will bring you closer to your goal. You need to identify with what tasks you are going to spend your time doing.

I once read that the average business person spends between 5-12% of his day doing an income producing activity. Now that’s not 5-12% after a two hour work period, not at all, I’m talking about working for 5-8 hrs.

That’s almost the same as saying that your business day was 5-12% productive on a daily basis. This may come as a shock to many people but there is a solution.

Get back on track and identify what are the things you must do that are directly related to your business and most importantly will move you in the direction that you want to go.

To your success,

Dorian Oddi

Success with Dorian Oddi. Design the way you want to live and the goals you want to achieve and let me show you the exact clear cut path to getting there.

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