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It’s nice to see those big affiliate checks, feels good to imagine money coming in and it’s sure nice if it was happening to you. I’ve always asked myself why is it the average affiliate marketer has seen only seen a check above $500 on a sales page website.

Why is it that such a powerful business model along with the potential of the internet don’t bring in an overflow of wealthy individuals.

I mean the business works and there’s good money to be made at any level of the game but why do so few experience this affiliate business success?

I looked long and hard at that question and more than a couple answers came to me. Keep reading for information that could quite literally turn your business upside down and inside out.

You see the internet is a tricky thing and has always been one, especially when it comes to using on it to generate business revenue. There are so many ways to make income online and even more ways to mess up and fail.

There’s tons and tons of ways to have a floundering business that may turn into an income generating machine but on the flip side there’s hundreds of ways to go in the opposite direction and fall short of your business goals. Now why is that?

Well it’s quite simple, it’s the lack of good concrete applicable material and too much of unnecessary, expensive and complicated information and material.

That’s it. You are where you are at the moment because of the above statement. An example is this, take an average guy wants to work for himself and determine his self worth so he trips along affiliate marketing along with all the glories and riches that he’s pitched with that he can have once he finds the treasure chest. But the road up ahead of him will surprise him because no one told him about this stage in his business and how to get through, he therefore continues to struggle while being right on the verge of quitting.

I know a lot of people that are trying to be successful with this business and I see them reading, studying, purchase new products, browsing the internet, replying to emails in less than 10min or arrival and so on…all this done all day long!

I really haven’t read too much on business management and ground floor stages of building a successful affiliate marketing business to say that I’m pleased with what’s being offered out there.

The problem is mostly the lack of a clear action driven blue print. That’s all we need, someone to guide us down the exact clear-cut path to success in any direction we choose, a path that will be paved by clear strategic action that was taken to achieve a particular target.

You can read and absorb all the information you want but to be honest, you might end up drowning in it. It can and most often will suck you in and that’s why so many people quit and take a mega roller coasting ride in the end.

You want to move in a consistent speed towards your goals and dreams? Here are a couple tips that would make all the difference in your business path.

First, look at all the materials about marketing and increasing your sales that you currently have. Lay them all out and see which ones are going to move you forward and are directly related to your business goals.

From filtering that list now look at the materials that can generate you a minimum of $100 in the next week or so. The list usually drops to one or two books or programs.

Now what I want you to do know is to absorb and dissect all the information from those materials and put together a action plan that will integrate the lessons and teachings into your everyday business life to start producing results and income.

This works every time if you have the list properly filtered. This is a great system because you can focus your attention on less than a third of the information and master one or two forms of marketing and then move on once you have generated income and most importantly, profit!

This has helped me immensely. I selected just one course on how to become profitable with affiliate marketing and I haven’t turned back since. There are so many readings, video’s, tutorials and reports in just that course alone that I have no doubt it will generate me profit if only I give it my undivided attention opposed to hop scotching here and there.

Very few people will tell you that you almost have everything you need, right now.

You are probably on a lot of internet marketer’s email lists where they constantly send you offers and product pitches about the latest program to make you a million bucks.

Others are for books, live seminars, teleconference calls etc. What these top marketers may or may not understand is that they are doing a disservice to the people on their email list, they are sending them in the direct opposite direction of their goals and where they want to go in their business.

This is how it is most of the time. Let me give you an example. Let’s say you the beginner affiliate marketer with no list, no google adwords campaign, no landing pages created and no autoresponder account.

You then start browsing the web and find my site where you subscribe to my email list to learn more about free or inexpensive traffic services. So everyday I send you relevant information related to the subject but in that mix, I also send you a whole bunch of info and products on website programs, how to make money with blogs, video & audio programs (which you don’t even need when you start) and a lot more unnecessary materials.

Now let me ask you, would I be doing you a service or a disservice? Would I be moving you forward to your business goals or would I be acting like an email-advertising billboard shoving all these special offers at you.

Not a lot of people will say this but affiliate marketing is extremely simple with a strong concept but it is still not looked at properly. One just needs to have just the right amount of tools and information in front of them to get them started and in profit as soon as possible.

With whatever it is in life, the unnecessary always seems to outweigh the necessary items.

So let’s flip that statement around so we have people actually reaching and achieving their goals.

To your success,

Dorian Oddi

Success with Dorian Oddi. Design the way you want to live and the goals you want to achieve and let me show you the exact clear cut path to getting there.

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