What You Don't Know About The Net's Newest HomeBased-Business-Bad-Boy - The Australian-Two-Up System

Graham Hobbs

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The Australian two up system was a simple concept that yielded very powerful results. Whether those results were chalked up by shysters or honest businesses didn't really matter, a business using the Australian-two-up system was almost guaranteed a good measure of success.

If you have never heard of the Australian two up system, let me fill you in on a few of the details. Although its name suggests that it originated in Australia, that is not completely correct. From what I could dig up, it appears that its name probably originated from a card game played in Australia. The concept of the Australian two up system though seems to have originated in the US.

A question I get asked often is: Is the Australian two up system profitable, or should I avoid it like the plague? Well, the final answer to that question is that you will have to make up your own mind. However, my take on it is that if you'd asked me that question a couple of years ago, I would have told you to run for the hills. Today though the future is looking bright for a growing number of online companies using the two-up system.

You see, in its early days this system did have legality issues. Companies were springing up on the Internet proclaiming a two up system while actually offering a pyramid scheme. Obviously this was illegal and often these companies went out of business. I can speak personally to this because I was taken in by such a scheme. After investing a cool $2500, I set up my marketing campaign only to find out three weeks later that the company had gone out of business. It was an Australian two up system but it had no product. I should have known better!

And therein lies the crux of the legal problems that once clouded this systems’ appeal. It wasn't the system that was wrong, it was the way companies were using it. Any MLM, one up or two up system, by law has to have a product it is selling and not just a business opportunity. And the product must be able to be purchased without you having to get involved in the business. Actually this applies not only to the Australian two up system. It applies to any MLM, matrix, one up, two up, Australian, American, British – you name it - system.

Why get involved with an Australian two up system? What are the benefits?

  • It really is a very workable, and hence profitable, business model (nothing is more of a tribute to that than the growing number of companies on the net that are adopting it along with their growing numbers of memberships).
  • It's new! Few people at this stage even know what it is. You would be getting in as the Australian-two-up system is still heading toward its critical mass. This is an ideal time to join any knew venture that looks like it will do well.
  • Any legitimate business that is going to allow you the opportunity to kick your day job and work in your underwear is worth looking at!


If you can find an Australian two up plan that offers several levels of entry (so prospects don't have to spend a lot at the outset to get involved), then this would be ideal. It is not unusual to see top earners making $20-$30000 a month with many of the better companies out there.

The watchword though is, research. If you are considering spending your money to join a company employing the Australian-two-up system, due diligence will be necessary. Find out about the program in detail. Make sure it is not getting all the profits and leaving you with the pickings. Any Australian two up system worth its salt should be paying you at least 75% profits, and on rare occasion you may find a company that pays 100%.

And lastly, if you are thinking of joining an Australian two up system, make sure it is one that sells itself. By that I mean the company has a good enough sales presentation that it does the selling for you. That doesn't mean to say that you can't apply some good old-fashioned salesmanship if you want to, it just means that if it is the right Australian two up system it should also able to sell itself.

Graham Hobbs (with business-partner Chris Cambell) teach internet marketers around the world, the secret to generating a $1,000 a day online. http://www.BigDailyProfits.com.

Graham lives in Florida, Chris lives in Indiana. You can contact either through the link above.


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