Is Affiliate Marketing Really As Easy As It Sounds?


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We’ve all seen the adverts on the internet, the ULTIMATE home business, “There’s £million’s to be made online through affiliate marketing, just buy our product, quit your day job and within six months you can pay your mortgage off”. If you’re like me and have the qualities of the eternal optimist then you would have bought this product thinking that after a weekend of typing away placing a few ads you would spend the first part of Monday morning phoning your boss and telling him where to stick his job because you have just hit the big time, phoning your mortgage company asking them how you would go about paying off the house and then flicking through the latest copy of Top Gear magazine to choose which super car you’re going to buy first.

Only, to our “unexpected” horror it doesn’t actually happen this way, we find ourselves walking into the office at 9am on Monday absolutely seething at the fact that we didn’t make ONE sale over that weekend, once again thinking we have been scammed by another program. So we go back to work resenting our boss and forget about the affiliate marketing opportunity because it didn’t send us from rags to riches over the course of a weekend, after all it was marketed as a “Get Rich Quick Scheme” so WHY hasn’t it got me rich, I’ve been using the program for a whole THREE days now, WHERE IS MY CHEQUE? So many people go through this process and never actually tell anyone about it because they narrow minded people around us would just say the usual clichés such as “Well they saw you coming!” or the classic “If it sounds to good to be true…. . ” So you just forget you ever bought the product and vow never again to buy another get rich quick scheme but to accept the fact that you’re going to be working 9-5 in an office surrounded by sheer incompetence until the day you die.

Many of life’s failures are people who didn’t realise how close they were to success when they gave up! THOMAS A. EDISON (1847-1931)

Ninety nine percent of programs that are out on the web today are in fact scams to cheat you out of your money, the business strategy never has or never will make a single penny, or alternatively the business could potentially be extremely lucrative, all you have to do is to find the best of £5000 to purchase all the equipment and other programs to actually make it work. When you look at affiliate marketing it does seem incredibly simple. You place an ad, people click the ad, they buy the product and you get a slice of the profits. It actually really is that simple!! Except, people aren’t just going to search on an advertising website and buy your product. Ask yourself, WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU DID THAT? They need an incentive to actually see your ad and view the product, it has to come from a reputable source.

To allow the ad to be seen you could try a PPC (pay per click) service such as Google Adwords, these can be a very profitable form of advertising but if you get it wrong the cost implications can be horrendous, to many people clicking and not enough people buying can put an end to a dream quicker than a wet flannel in the face. Another way of trying to get more visitors to click on the ID embedded link is to spend hours on end writing on specialists forums and trying to through as many URL’s into the mix as possible only to have the administrators and webmasters remove the links leaving the forum post completely useless. If you actually sit back and look at affiliate marketing on a grand scale and seriously looked at the bigger picture you would realise that there is a mountain of prospect there. In my view the only way you can succeed in affiliate marketing is to invest, heavily invest in your own business. I know all of you will be starting with zero budget but I’m not talking about cash, you need to invest something that we ALL have………. . TIME! The only way to succeed in affiliate marketing is to BE PATIENT! You will have to invest a certain amount of cash once you have bought the program but that is to only purchase a domain name and purchase some web space to host your website.

The product that you buy is just the information that you need to START the business venture into affiliate marketing, it isn’t the “Ultimate Strategy” to financial freedom, only YOU can achieve that through TIME, PASSION, DEDICATION and DISCIPLINE. Imagine being able to attract your visitors to a website where you could advertise an unlimited amount of products, your own affiliate SUPERSTORE! Once you’ve bought the program you should have a budget of, say £30, which should easily be enough capital to set up a website domain name and some hosting space. Design the website yourself, no need to splash out on some fancy all singing, all dancing website when it’s the CONTENT that is the most important aspect. Once you have the website up and running you can then take the TIME, no money, TIME to optimize it yourself and market the website rather than one particular product, instead of trying to take ONE product to the consumer, make the consumer come to a whole online store of products, then the products will sell themselves as your website will add much more credibility to them. If you want to find out more about starting your own business, whether it be affiliate marketing or wholesale to retail trading then visit

I am a former interior designer and now successful internet businessman here to share my experiences with you. Visit for more business ideas and advice


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Is Affiliate Marketing Easy?
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