Day Job Killer Method #1 - Direct Linking X - An Analysis Of The First Method In Day Job Killer


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Day Job Killer has taken the internet marketing world by storm. In this article, I will discuss the first method in Day Job Killer, Direct Linking X.

There is a reason this method is called Direct Linking X and not just “Direct Linking. ” The phrase without the X is what is commonly called the “Google Cash Method”, a money making method popularized in 2004 that made some lucky people a lot of easy money.

The Google Cash method involves using pay-per-click ads that link directly to a vendor’s site via your affiliate link. When this method first originated, it was not uncommon to be able to put up an ad for 5 cents per click and be in the top 5 on Google for all sorts of keywords related to the product in question. Since then, things have changed.

Google has changed its policy so that repeat destination URLs are not allowed. So if the company whose product you are promoting is also using Adwords, it will be much more likely to keep its ad on Google while bumping your ad off. This caused a lot of grief for many online marketers.

The appeal of this method is in its simplicity. Fortunately, Day Job Killer shows you how to continue to use this method to make easy money online.

Here’s how it works:

-Find a product to promote and join its affiliate program.
-Start an Adwords Campaign for the product.
-Bid on the right keywords
-Write Good Ad Copy
-Watch your click-through-rate be in double digits
-Refine your ad to further improve CTR and lower your cost-per-click (CPC)
-Watch the money come pouring in.

At this point you are probably saying, “Which products should I promote?” or “How do I know what keywords to bid on?” or “What Ad Copy Techniques should I use?”

Well I can’t give away everything can I? But what I can tell you is this: the difference between making $100+/week and losing that much money is in the keywords and ad copy.

Day Job Killer tells you EXACTLY which keywords to bid on and which to avoid. It will also tell you the best methods for writing your ads. These methods are not just general ideas that everyone uses when writing ads. They are precise and specifically designed for “Direct Linking X”. Following the methods outlined in Day Job Killer will bring your CTR around 50%, all while paying the lowest possible amount per click. It really is that powerful.

I was shocked at how simple this method was when I first read Day Job Killer. It really does maintain the ease of the “Google Cash” method and allow you to get around Google’s double linking dilemma.

In addition to explaining exactly what keywords to bid on, you will also learn where to find the most valuable - and the most overlooked - products to promote. There are literally millions of products that can fit the criteria for “Direct Linking X”. You will discover all the places that everyone else overlooks. Prepare to be overwhelmed.

While many people contend that this form of “Google Cash" will disappear as quickly as the last, I do not see this happening. There are many variations of this method that can be made in order to prevent Google from taking your money! Chris explains these variations in DJK.

That is about the gist of “Direct Linking X. ” I have used it with success so far and been about to generate a descent amount of extra income per week, on only a handful of products. The great thing about this method is that you can apply it to almost any product with an affiliate program. The more products you are promoting - the the correct way - the more money you will make.

Just like everything else in life, the more effort you put in, the more rewards you will reap.

Did you find this information helpful? To learn more about Day Job Killer, visit The Day Job Killer Blog , an ongoing analysis of the methods presented in DJK.


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