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I'm going to try and explain in a nutshell how Google Adwords works. More detailed information is provided on the Google website and I strongly urge you to go to their site after reading my article. Google has made many businesses/publishers rich through its stronghold on the advertising market.

Yahoo, MSN and others have similar advertising models but none will reach the audience Google has. Adwords can be used for businesses to drive customers to their website. Businesses will share the profit of a sale generated by an Affiliate that sent a customer to their website (Affiliate Marketing).

With that being said, how does the average person (without a product) make money through Google's advertising model? The answer is, you offer a service, yes “a service". You open an Adwords account at Google's website, read up on all they have to offer which shows you how to become a success at Adwords.

Adwords ads are created using keywords people type in search engines to find products, services, or information. For instance: if you where looking for golf clubs, you may type that exact word combination in a search engine. What you type in the search engine field determines what information the search engine robots return to you.

So, the more specific you are chances are you will receive more tailored results. Adwords allows you to market products and services using Keywords.


Yes, instead of searching for products and services the Adwords Keyword tool shows you what words or phrases are frequently searched on and how many websites (competitors) cater to that word or phrase (Performance statistics). Most marketers use this technique to build there websites and marketing campaigns around Latent Semantic Indexing.

It is to the Advertisers’ advantage to chose keywords and phrases that they have established to have a high average search volume. Google calls the aforementioned “Cost Per click" or CPC which is the amount paid to Google each time a user clicks on an ad from your Campaign.

Since we just spoke on how much you will be paying Google for their pay per click services lets talk about how you get paid. If you don't have your own product or service to offer you would use Adwords for Affiliate marketing.

Through your Google Ads you send users to the website of which you are an Affiliate, if that individual purchases said item you get paid. The most difficult part can be choosing an Affiliate with a landing page that has a proven high conversion rate (visitor becomes a buyer).

You can find a host of Affiliate networks on the Internet, my personal favorite is ClickBank. Click Bank has a tool that will show you how well a website converts its views to buyers. Ad words is not a “get rich fast" opportunity. If you are looking for a for fast cash then you will fail at Adwords. What Adwords provides is another vehicle for someone with dreams of working at home to make it a reality.

Will Moore is an Internet Marketer in an I. T. professional's body. Visit his home based business website at For information that discusses how online businesses and search engine marketing share the same space.


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