Is It Possible to Make a Living Online Anymore?

Dave Cooper

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Yesterday I was visiting a well known affiliate marketing forum and the following question was posed by a member of the forum. “Is it possible to Make a Living Online Anymore?”. After thinking over the question I responded in the forum to her question. My response is what I would tell anyone that wants to know if it is still possible to make a living online.

Response -

Sure it can be done. Is the window a little smaller now than it was a few years ago? I think it is. I do think there is still an opportunity available for those who are willing to develop relationship marketing skills. Business, online or off is still about people.

Having a great product and a starving audience are important, but I think the one thing that is sorely lacking from the arsenal of many online entrepreneurs is their inability or maybe it’s just their apathetic attitude when it comes to cultivating relationships with their prospective customers.

Instead of searching for the latest greatest baskin robbins flavor of the week products to promote why don’t more online marketers focus on developing relationships with the people on their lists and their peers in business?

I have always believed that you do things better than your competitors or you do things different in order to be successful. Well when it comes to developing relationships you can have both. You can do it better than many are now and by putting forth some effort you can be viewed as doing it differently. Relationship marketing is overlooked by a vast majority of people entering into the online business world in my opinion. Customer service is not high on the priority list of even some of the top online marketers in the game.

Some new online business owners never have a chance because they fail to see the importance of treating their prospects, customers, list subscribers with respect. Why? Maybe because no one treated them this way when they were chasing the internet looking for the mystic unicorn that would make them a millionaire overnight.

I don’t care if we are talking online business or a brick and mortar shop around the corner. The ability to create and nurture relationships is a quality that will carry you a long way in business.

If you can gain the trust of your prospects you have a chance to develop a long lasting online business.

So yes, I think you can have a successful business online. I think the entrepreneurs that are willing to go the extra mile with regards to developing and building relationships with their audience will have the greatest chance of success.

There is no silver bullet to making a living on the internet and it’s time to stop looking for one. Roll up your sleeves and go to work. Provide a great product to a starving audience and nurture relationships.

Whoever said Internet/Affiliate Marketing had to be a nameless, faceless place to begin with? Turn the tide in your favor by offering something that many customers value but many marketers care so little about. Relationships!

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