Infoproducts With Resale Rights-Are Profits Guaranteed?


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You’ve probably heard this talk about reselling infoproducts and making huge profits out of the venture. All you have to do is buy a dozen infoproducts at cheap rates, and ‘cheap’ usually revolves around $50-$200, sometimes more. But that doesn’t matter, the pundits declare, as long as you can sell them at higher rates and keep 100% profits. In short, you’re not buying those infoproducts, rather investing in them; and hence, there’s no harm in spending huge amounts to acquire hot-selling infoproducts. The logic sounds compelling enough for you to search for profitable infoproducts on the net. But wait, there’s more to come!

There are still others, who warn you not to spend a penny on this, because there are many membership sites which provide these infoproducts for free. You, therefore, put a smile on your face, as you browse through such portals to find attractive infoproducts for your collection. Unfortunately, your smile turns into a frown, as soon as you realize that most of these items are outdated, or that they’re trial versions with a ubiquitous nag screen. You get something for free alright, but you soon acknowledge that you can’t make money with that ‘something. ’

Thus, there are two lessons to be learnt from all of this. First off, never pay hundreds of dollars to acquire infoproducts with resale rights, because there’s a chance you may lose money not only on the purchases, but also on advertising and similar costs, without which no ‘reselling’ is possible. Second, never trust freebies, because most of them are worthless items to be discarded, and these membership sites do well to discard them into your inbox. As a result, you not only feel frustrated, but are bombarded with a zillion mails on a daily or weekly basis. All said and done, freebies are a crafty technique to get your email ID, nothing more.

Does that mean there’s no hope? Far from it, once you’re aware of the dangers of freebies and their extremes, you can make a careful decision on what to buy, where, and how. Logic dictates that you choose a program that offers profitable infoproducts at cheap prices, neither too high nor totally free of cost. Then make sure these infoproducts have high resale value, and in this regard, you’d better choose a niche market, not only due to less competition, but you get to target the appropriate customer; and hence spend very little in advertising. There you have it! These are the two steps leading to success as an infoproducts reseller, one being the ability to choose the right program based on price and value, and the other revolving around niche infoproducts .

Patrick Ho is an experienced Infoproducts Reseller. He is an adviser for Free Infoproducts , a HomeBiz company providing top-quality infoproducts with resale rights. He can be contacted at .


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