Short Review of Rosalind Gardner's The Super Affiliate Handbook


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One of the best written handbooks for affiliate marketers. Every chapter has some useful tips for the newbie & the experienced!

Whether you go to her website or her sales page, she shows that she earned $436,797 primarily by promoting other people's products. And you can do the same using her techniques.

A well written “step by step" plan is in her book with a lot of emphasis on the details. A real change from the norm! There are lots of screenshots with explanations for the new and experienced alike. Some sections remind me of reading a dummies guide (which I am one!)

There is an exceptional section on how to track your results and even gives you the detail on how to set up an excel spreadsheet!

There are numerous sections to this book(such as):

Why you should build a business plan
How to determine what products to promote
Tips to decide on what niche you should to try to promote
Different marketing ideas for promoting affiliate products
Whether or not you have what you need to start your internet business
The “Super Affiliate's" software recommendations
Importance of pre-selling
Common terms glossary
Some very useful tips on building websites and some items to avoid
Website marketing
This book is very easy to read and follow.

One very important item to note from reading her book is that she has included affiliate links in there, but you will note that the link seems to flow in the text she has written. Not the typical throw it in your face like numerous other marketers do! When you need her advice, she has included her affiliate link.

If you are serious about starting about starting your own online business, this is a must have for your library. The book is very well written and contains a lot of very useful information that can easily be a reference to use for many years as your business grows! If you don't want to increase your online income, don't buy this book, but I think you would regret that decision!


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The Key Features Of Super Affiliate Handbook
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