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Many, actually, most people who were so excited to start an internet home business, quit within the first month. Their excitement died quickly when the reality of a rich quick plan did no come through. The instant wealth they were expecting did not happen. With their dreams shattered, their energy dwindles and they give up.

One of the most popular American dreams, is to own your own business and be your own boss. You would expect to invest a large amount of money and time to start a brick and mortar business. You would know that most brick and mortar businesses do not show a profit for 2 years. So why, would you, or anyone expect to be independently wealthy within a few weeks? Does this sound realistic?

I am a person who owns two brick and mortar businesses along with several internet businesses. I can tell you that the home based internet business requires a fraction of the time and money that is required to get a brick and mortar business up and running. Your internet business does take hard work and a lot of your devoted time to start making money. Let me reiterate that, it takes a lot of your time and hard work to be successful in your internet business.

In both types of business you have to set your goals and budget. Short term and long term goals. Next is your plan or action. What will you do to accomplish these goals? (Don't go broke advertising. Search for the free advertising. Research blog and article marketing. ) How will you make it happen? Evaluate your skills. Decide what it is that you need to learn then find the information to educate yourself. Research and find a marketable product. Find one that you believe in and are excited to share with others. Remember, this is your chance to go into business for yourself. To be your own boss. You want your business to be enjoyable.

Here are some headaches that you need in a brick and mortar business that you do not need with your home internet business. Staff and staffing issues, payroll, employee taxes, insurance, supplies, inventory (usually), building maintenance, gas for transportation, rent or building payments. You do not even have to go out in bad weather if you don't want to.

Running either kind of business takes a ton of determination and endurance. One way to make this journey easier, is to look to the experts. There is an expert around every corner, ready and willing to help you succeed. I have to say, that I have been overwhelmed with the “jump in and help you" attitude from the experts on the internet. From practical step-by-step applications to motivational videos and even mentoring they are out there to help you. With just the click of the mouse you can have all the expert help you could ever imagine.

Remember this is a Serious Business, it is not a hobby or a game. You can make a very good income from your internet business. Give it time to grow. Set your budget and don't go broke advertising. Believe in your product. Learn from those who have succeeded. If you do not take your business serious, nobody else will either.

Kathleen Taulbee is the owner of two land based businesses and several Internet Home Businesses. Come and see the business choices Kathleen recommends, visit her at


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