How to Succeed Making Money Online Where So Many Others Fail Part 2-Promoting Affiliate Products


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The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don't even need your own website, but it helps. But if you don't have your own website, how do you go about promoting someone else's product and making money as an affiliate?

First, you could advertise the product's sales page using Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. PPC advertising is fast and easy, but it does cost money. If you've never tried PPC, I'd suggest reading an AdSense guide or two. You can probably even find some good Ezine Articles on the subject. If you don't know what you're doing with PPC you could easily lose a small fortune with it.

Another option is to place ads in ezines or with online classified sites. There are some good ones available but these also cost money. Google “online classified ads" to find the top ones.

If you're on a very tight budget, but do have a website, writing articles is a great way to easily and inexpensively promote a product. In fact, you're reading one right now. Just write an article related to the product you want to promote, or write a review of the product and submit it to one of the many free article directory sites.

When people are putting together a newsletter or need content for their website or blog, they look for free articles to use first. If you write a quality article and submit to one of the article directories, your article could get picked up by a large newsletter or website.

Then you'll have hundreds, even thousands of people reading your article and hopefully, clicking on the link to your website. It's great because your article could be used by people over and over again for a very long time, meaning residual traffic for just a little bit of work.

It's very important that you put a link to your website in your article's bio. This is the area at the bottom of the article that tells a bit about the author. Bios are a great way to get free traffic to your website.

So if you do have a website up that's promoting a product, write a quality article on the same subject, submit it to a free article directory and soon you could start to see the affiliate sales pouring in!

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