Eliminating Spam: Techniques to Stopping Spammers Invading Your Inbox


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Getting tired of receiving constant spam in your inbox? Looking to can the spam once and for all? Well guess what? There's a definite way to help get rid of spammers besides pressing your delete key: Report them.

Many people wonder "How do spammers get my email and why do they do what they do?" Spammers are really very caniving individuals who show no sense of respect and are power hungry to get as many emails as they can through involuntary methods of email capturing. Rather than doing the legitimate side of marketing where fellow Internet users willingly opt-in to websites they're interested in, spammers usually build software spiders and unleash them through the Internet to crawl through websites looking for “mailto:" HTML tags which are used when linking email addresses together. The spiders collect all of these email addresses for the spammer to spread his junk email messages across all emails that are within their possession. Spam Spiders are getting more sophisticated so even if some one tries to conceal their email addresses through more unconventional methods such as “john at johndoe dot com", there are well built crawlers that will pick these addresses up.

There are some spammers that are so cold hearted and malice, that some of them can create virus-like or worm software that can be installed on your computer and swipe the info in your address book back to a spam server that will collect them.

The unfortunate news though is even though you can report spam, it's really like trying to eat soup with a fork. You may be able to report a few, but more of them keep coming and coming. More and more spammers grow on the Internet each day like a plague. But there is a way to make more than a dent in the spamming issue and that's spreading the word about spam.

There's strength in numbers. The more people who know about the spam threat, the higher the impact it will have in stopping these irritating spammers dead in their tracks. Out Of This World PC Solutions is a proud supporter of anti-spam solutions and is in the process of creating a subsidiary website based on getting the word out there telling spammers on the Internet that they will be stopped.

Do your part. Talk to everyone you know who has to deal with spam on a constant basis (pretty much anyone with an email address) and say “enough is enough. " Spam is an invasion of privacy and needs to end. Please pass this article onto all who you know so we can eliminate the growing spam threat by educating users about this constant irritation.

www.spamcop.net is a great site that will allow you to report spammers, get a spam-free email account, use their free spam blocking list, and much more. This site is one of the best anti-spam sites found on the net. It's definitely one worth checking out.

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Ignoring These Tips Could Result in an Inbox Full of Spam
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