How to Use Disposable Email Addresses to Reduce Spam

Maurice Clarke

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A disposable email address is one you create on a temporary basis for use on web sites you do not know or trust. Rather than hand over your real email address you give them a disposable email address which you delete should it later prove to be used to spam you as a result.

You can create disposable addresses in several ways

# if you have a web site you may have email facilities to create unlimited email accounts so can create one or more to suit the above needs for spam protection.

For example create and use this email ONLY on a specific posting or web page, if you get SPAM email later as a result you will know instantly the source is either using your email address to send its own spam OR has sold or rented your email address to spammers.

# in some cases you do not need to create separate POP accounts on your web site, just add a special name at the front of the domain - even they name of the site or service you join - where mysite is the new untrusted web site you just join.

You can FILTER incoming email to this DISPOSABLE email address in your email client. If, after use for some time you can treat this as SAFE and feel confident to CHANGE that email to your normal email.

#some online email accounts offer the creation and control of disposable emails. For more reading see how Yahoo offers disposable email addresses with the online email service under their premium service, and extension to their Free email http://antispam.

The use of disposable emails does have its value, as new mail which is bring spam can highlight email addresses causing the problem and you can delete those addresses, or redirect new mail to the trash as spam.

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