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Spyware blockers are those programs that prevent a spyware from entering into the system. Inspection firewalls warn users when any software makes an outbound request for the first time, which could be spyware contacting a website. These blockers also prevent pop ups that are a frustrating bane for Internet users.

There are many companies that also produce and market fake spyware blockers, which may install spyware programs instead of removing them. It is advisable to be aware of such programs in order to avoid further complications. However, there are spyware blockers such as Google and Windows XP Service Pack 2 that can effectively block and destroy spyware from a computer. These blockers are available free-of-cost on the Internet and can be installed by going to the Google tools menu and activating the pop up blocking feature.

Mac Scan is another anti-spyware that has proven effective against spyware such as the Mac spyware. Another popular spyware blocker is McAfree that is priced between $30 to $50. This software can be downloaded or shipped according to the users choice. Some good spyware blockers come with an automatic update feature that helps the user by routinely updating the blocker. The database of a blocker is the most important factor in deciding the usefulness of the same. If it has an extensive database then obviously it will be able to detect and block many spyware on a regular basis.

Some spyware blockers only warn the user about the invasion by a spyware and do not eliminate it. This has to be done manually and some files may have already been exposed to the spyware when the blocker issues a warning. Some anti-spyware programs have event logs that list the elimination or detection date of the spyware. However, many do not have this feature and the user may find it difficult to keep a log of the spyware invading the system. Spyware blockers are becoming increasingly popular because of the increasing number of security threats faced by Internet users.

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