"Who Loves Money" - An Honest Review of the Latest Affiliate Marketing eBook To Hit the Market

John Mann

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"Who Loves Money" - Well, this latest eBook written for Affiliate Marketers certainly has an interesting title. Written by Kyle & Carson, two young fellows known as “The Wealthy Affiliates", this eBook was released May 1, 2007 to a lot of fanfare.

You see “The Wealthy Affiliates" are for real. They are well known “Super" Affiliate Marketers who have been making money online for over four years and they know their stuff. I've been a member of their forum for almost two years and so I knew about the release of this eBook long before it was released to the public.

But even though I know the authors and know that they are extremely well versed in Affiliate Marketing, I was a bit sceptical about their new project.

I mean, just how much “new stuff" can be written about Affiliate Marketing? There has been a flood of new products aimed at this business recently. Some of these products have not been worth reading at all. A select few have been very good and a very select few have been pure gold.

Chris McNeeney's “Affiliate Project X", for instance, was rumoured to have shattered the ClickBank record for the most copies sold in a week. That eBook contains some brand new Affiliate Marketing techniques that made a lot of people a lot of money. That one was pure gold in my opinion.

But back to “Who Loves Money". Is “Who Loves Money" going to rival the sales numbers of “Affiliate Project X"?

Maybe, maybe not. But the only reason for this is the fact that “Who Loves Money" was released without nearly the amount of fanfare as “Affiliate Project X".

However, the question that needs to be asked is this. Does this new Affiliate Marketing eBook contain enough information to make it a worthwhile purchase?

The answer is unequivocally “Yes!"

"Who Loves Money" is full of information that will make it easier for almost any Affiliate Marketer to make money. There is information for the newcomer to the business as well as for seasoned professionals as well.

I learned over a dozen useful pieces of information that are going to enhance my own Affiliate Marketing efforts before I was even halfway through the eBook. Things like how to link directly to a ClickBank vendor's Sales Page without failing to set a cookie on my potential customer's computer. That little tidbit was worth the cost of the entire manual to me personally.

I learned a few things about using the new ClickBank tracking urls that I didn't know before and this information is going to prove very useful to me.

But for me personally, the very most important thing I learned was related to hunting down new profitable niche markets. This has been one of my biggest stumbling blocks in the past and the techniques that were shared in “Who Loves Money" were some very powerful techniques indeed. I will be implementing a number of them very soon and I fully expect to be able to double my Affiliate Marketing profits within the next six months because of them.

The bottom line for me is this. “Who Loves Money" is an eBook that will have something of value for almost every Affiliate Marketer without regard to your level of ability. Newbies will probably gain the most from “Who Loves Money". If you're struggling with making money as an Affiliate Marketing newbie then “Who Loves Money" is for you.

However, seasoned pros will find enough information in “Who Loves Money" as well making the investment a wise one for you as well.

Either way, I wholeheartedly recommend “Who Loves Money" to anyone who is interested in increasing their level of income from Affiliate Marketing.

I give a 5 star rating to “Who Loves Money".


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