How to Use Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) Part II


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In order to get on the first page of results, however, you have to know how to use Adwords. First you have to register with Google, and then set up an Adwords account. None of this is difficult, and even when you start on your first Adwords campaign, a beginner can easily follow the instructions. There are certain steps you must take, however, in order to use Adwords to their best advantage. The first comes when designing your advert.

You get three lines to describe your product and persuade visitors to click on your URL. The first is the title of the advert, and the line that the prospect clicks on to visit your landing page. This should describe your product in terms that the visitor would want to visit. Google does not allow superlatives, so you have to make a simple statement that the reader cannot ignore.

One of my most productive referred to a breath freshener I was advertising some time ago. This title got me hundreds of visitors a day, and I rotated it on Adwords with another. You can use up to three similar adverts and Google will rotate them for you. The two in question were:

“Are You Afraid To Kiss Her?" The next lines read “Kiss Her With Confidence" and “We Can Cure Bad Breath Easily"

The second version was aimed at the girl.

It worked a dream, and that is how to use Adword to your advantage. If you can play on a weakness to your advantage, then you are on a winner.

The next tip is that you get two URLs to enter. A landing page and your website URL. You have no choice over your website URL, but you do with respect to your landing page. Make sure that if a visitor clicks on your ad that you send them to a page that you want them to visit, and that it is relevant to what you are selling. If I have bad breath and want more information, I don’t want to click on your advert and be sent to a page on tooth whitening. I will just switch off and leave your site.

Send me to a page that explains how I can eradicate my halitosis. That’s what I am desperate to get rid off. I’m scared to kiss my girl friend for goodness sake, and you have to help me. Here I am – what can you sell me? I want it now! Today! Before tonight!

You already have a customer through your intelligent advert now provide them with a page that sells the product. Catch them while they are hot. Don’t let them cool down and think about it. Give them a button to click for the product and that’s that!

That, in a nutshell, is how to use any pay per click advertising program, not just Adwords. PPC can make you money if used correctly, but be careful: it can also lose you money if used wrongly.

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