The Advantages of Having Your own Website in Internet Marketing Part I


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The advantages of having your own website in internet marketing are incalculable, and without it your marketing options are extremely restricted. There are very few successful internet entrepreneurs that do not have a website.

It is possible to make money online without a website. You could get involved in MLM, or multi level marketing, with friends and relatives, and purchase email addresses to extend your business, but it would be much easier with a website that you could use to build your own email list.

The vast majority of purchased lists are not focused on your type of business, no matter what it is. Most have been bribed to join the list and have no real interest in what you have to offer, especially a longer term project such as a MLM scheme. Even if your business offered tangible products for people to buy, you would not be too successful if you were restricted to email marketing using purchased lists of addresses.

A website provides you with the tools necessary for a successful online business. First and foremost it provides you with a platform from which to display and sell your product. It is a focal point for your business, much like a High Street store is the focal point for an offline business. It also provides a name that you and your business can be associated with. No ordinary email address could provide that association that provides people with a degree of confidence and security.

In order to build up an online business you need a list of people with whom you can keep in regular contact. You can do this using a website and a squeeze page, or even just a simple opt-in form on selected pages of your website. Almost every successful internet marketer will tell you that success is determined by the list. The bigger and more targeted your list, then the better the chance of you ultimately selling your products.

If you choose your web host carefully, you will be able to acquire a website that allows you an unlimited number of domains, or virtual websites. This makes it easier for you to sell multiple products and enter into different markets, since each domain name can be chosen to suit the individual product types. You can’t do that without a website! You will also be provided with an autoresponder that automates most of the communications required in running a site.

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