5 Do-It-Yourself SEO Techniques That Works!

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Do you need to spend a bomb to hire self proclaimed gurus to assist you with search engine optimization (SEO)? No! We all know the importance of SEO to our internet business. The following 5 Do-It-Yourself SEO techniques can save you money and yet improve your website’s rankings! The saved monies can then be used to further promote your website through Google’s Adwords, Pay Per Click programs etc. Let’s get started.

1. Take a lot of time with developing your web site's content.

For most web sites, content is the key. When writing the content of your web pages, insert vital keywords which relate to the products and services that your company offers. Make it brief and concise, yet informative.

You might see that Internet users do not actually read a web site's content word-for-word. They just skim through the text and concentrate on the articles that they need and the data which they find interesting. A 600-word article may be too boring or too long for a user to read. Keep your facts up-to-date so that users will visit your web site more often. Do not forget to include a lot of helpful links, articles and guides that users can forward to another user and add to your customer base.

2. Make the overall design user friendly.

In most cases, the rule the simpler, the better applies. Do not design your web site in an overly-complicated way that users will find it too “frightening" to browse through. Adapt the design to your target market. If your target audience is of a younger age, make sure that the colors and designs are funky, youthful and attention-grabbing. For a more mature audience, you can use subdued colors and have a more elegant theme and overall web site design.

3. Vary the keyword for each individual web page.

Think of every possible keywords or phrases that will apply to your products and services. Each user is different and may not necessarily use the keyword that you expect them to type in the search bar. Search engines offer tools which will guide you through finding the correct keywords for search engine optimization.

4. Make sure that your hyper links are visible, accessible and informative.

Providing users with hyperlinks or HTML links which are useful and easy to find is yet another way to optimize your web site.

5. Learn how to lead traffic to your site.

Seek the advice of experts on this field if you do not know how to lead traffic to your site. Develop a plan and learn how to use the necessary tools pull traffic your way.

Gather all the statistical data that you can use to keep your web site on top of the search engines’ list. Vary your web site's contents and keywords to adapt to the current trend. If there is a particular word or phrase that you have not used when searching for keywords, use it instead to lead more traffic your way. Be flexible enough to change the web site's contents and fulfill the ever-changing needs of the online users. All in all, you would have your work cut out for you if you want to employ do-it-yourself search engine optimization techniques.

With the proper research, creativity and enough knowledge, you can definitely optimize your web site and yield very promising results for your business.

The Author of this article is an experienced internet marketer with many years of online business under his belt. He is also a great presenter as well as a champion story teller. He has immense interest in topics on public speaking, leadership, the art of negotiation, internet marketing strategies, investing and personal success

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