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Robin J. Elliott

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Sometimes, we need to look at the full potential of a Joint Venture in order to get really excited about it. As an example, I recently talked on the telephone with a gentleman in southern California about the potential amount of people in the world that could benefit from leaning how to broker Joint Ventures and achieve financial freedom. He got very excited.

First we looked at WHO could benefit. We agreed that age, background, education, geographic location and financial situation were not a factor. As long as a person was motivated, reasonably intelligent and had the ability to communicate, as well as learn the basic principles of Joint Ventures, they could make real money, soon, with no cost or risk.

Then we looked at WHY someone would want to use Joint Ventures. Anyone who needs money, from employees who want to supplement their income to scholars, school leavers, entrepreneurs and business owners (not necessarily the same thing) who want top boost sales and profits, seniors, college graduates, immigrants… ANYONE who needs more money without an investment or risk and who didn’t want to wait a long time to get the money!

Also, when we know that, statistically, 87% of new businesses will fail, many people are afraid of risking their savings, time and reputation in some “Business Opportunity”. Joint Ventures is a great alternative. In fact, in my opinion, it is the only alternative.

We also looked at the other reasons why Joint Ventures would appeal to people. By earning more money and creating a regular flow of passive income, they could regain their dignity and self respect, security and control, privacy and quality of life. They could look after their family, enjoy holidays and educate their children and themselves. Visit a few seniors homes and talk with anyone who has financial problems and I know you’ll agree with me.

All of a sudden, this fellow in California got very excited at this massive potential. He asked me a simple question: “If I can get you onto radio stations and in front of people, will you pay me commissions on all resulting business?” Of course I will! Then he asked, “Can you create products to fit different situations and industries?” Naturally, I can. When we see huge potential and we have a viable, proven tool to take advantage of that potential, we get excited, then we take action, then we get rich. Because Zig Ziglar said, “You can get anything you want out of life, if you’re prepared to help enough other people to get what they want. ”

About Robin J. Elliott

For more than 19 years, Robin J. Elliott has worked with thousands of businesses in over 49 industries across the United States, Canada, and Africa. He specializes in helping small business entrepreneurs build wealth and gain access to new markets and profit centers through Joint Ventures. Through his Joint venture Seminars across North America he has thought thousands how to create increasing, multiple streams of income without cost or risk and very little time.

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Joint Ventures 101 - How To Joint Venture With A Guru!
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