Myspace Codes for Your Myspace Layouts - How to Insert Them?

Alevoor Rajagopal

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Most of you reading this article want to spice up your myspace layouts and to that effect you have short listed some wonderful myspace codes, no wonder by searching the internet. Okay, till this stage, it has been quite easy and you are confident of doing it in no time. But only when you login that you get confused as to where to put that code you just selected despite the code suppliers’ instruction to copy paste the myspace codes into your profile. But can you do it so easily the first time over as it is made out to be?

Step-By-Step Guide to Insert Your Myspace Codes

After you login, your myspace codes to enhance to look of your myspace layouts need to be inserted into your profile. These are the steps to follow for this to take effect.

  1. Locate the ‘Edit Profile’ link in your home page. This is at the left upper side of your myspace home page and is adjacent to your photo. Click on it.
  2. The page that loads has several tabs that include ‘Interests and Personality’ among others.
  3. The page ‘Interests and Personality’ has a text field for headline and 8 text areas for ‘About Me', ‘I'd Like to Meet’ and so on. Click on the button ‘Edit’ under ‘About Me’ text area. It takes to a new text area in the next page.
  4. Once you are here, copy and paste your myspace layouts’ codes into this editable ‘About Me’ area.
  5. restricts myspace members from using Javascript and myspace codes that cover the advertisements on the page.
  6. Having pasted the myspace codes there click the preview button. This is to ensure that what you got is exactly what you wanted. If you are satisfied click the ‘Save all Changes’ button above the headline text area. This returns you to your home page which has taken effect of your new myspace code just inserted.

Now that you are through, you can announce this to your friends of your new myspace layouts or let them discover it themselves for a pleasant surprise.

If you know a bit of HTML/CSS you can play around with the codes you found out and just added to your myspace profile.

Alevoor Rajagopal, MBA, is a reputed business consultant and writes on showcasing individuality with myspace layouts . Visit his free on online business tips.


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