Who Loves Money - Yet Another Scam For Us?

Ade Martin

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So we have yet ANOTHER get rich quick E-book on the loose have we? This latest offering is from 2 Canadians of Wealthy Affiliate fame and is called simply “Who Loves Money".

The “zero investment" claims appear to be outrageous and I guess it all depends upon your definition of zero investment. Assuming you already have web hosting and responders then unless Who Loves Money actually makes you money without these tools you could say it is zero investment.

Very Intriguing

I'll tell you why. The 2 Canadians knocking out the Who Loves Money product are Kyle and Carson who are normally straight shooters - no flannel. So it will be interesting to see exactly what they come up with.

Previous Products
Their previous products were Beating Adwords and Inside The List - the topics speak for themselves. Both had great information and were, (still are actually), worth the cost. I will say that from personal experience of being a member of their Wealthy Affiliate membership they are generally hands on guys and really do have time for their members answering questions personally and giving a helping hand when required. Much emphasis is on the “Teach A Person To Fish. . . " ethic.

Who Loves Money won't be an intentional scam of that I am certain. What we have to judge is the quality of the product and hope it's not a “same old, same old" ebook. There have been a lot of products released lately which, to be fair, are bordering on useless. Some of the packages and products should have been given away as freebies and not cost us $97 or whatever.

So, Who Loves Money. . . It has been about 8 months in the making and the plan is to make their most effective techniques workable for the less experienced online marketer. What I am reading is that the product will be about methods to show people:

  • How to earn $60 per minute within a single niche - OK, we'll see.
  • Which Keywords Sell - There is already a mountain of information on this so hopefully it's different.
  • ClickBank In depth - Yes. . . and?
  • Penny Pincher Traffic Techniques - I thought it was meant to be “zero investment".
  • Slow Roller Technique - I can't even guess!
Fake Reviews Already Out At the time of writing Who Loves Money has not been released and I am amazed at the number of articles already claiming to know what the book is all about. I guess all the “review" sites are getting in on the act to dupe you out of your hard earned. If you read any articles dated prior to May 1st unless they were written by the owners of Who Loves Money they are fakes.

Hoping For Good Content
I will content myself with presenting you with the background to the launch and also invite you to read an honest in depth report as soon as possible after the product has launched. I am hoping for a quality refreshing product to restore my faith that somebody, somewhere really does want to give us good content for our money.

- A full independent review of "Who Loves Money" will be available from http://www.Who-Loves-Money-Scam.com on the day of launch.

This article was a brief introduction to who is behind WLM and what you can expect from the product. Read more here .


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