Skeptics are Lazy


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Many of my articles are critical of the way business is done in the internet marketing industry but I want to make sure it's clear that I'm not a skeptic.

The classical definition of skepticism is one of withholding judgment until all aspects of a particular claim have been investigated but, in the modern world, that has morphed into doubting for the sake of doubting.

For example, take these subjects where skeptics thrive:

  • Creationism vs. Evolution
  • Paranormal vs. Science
  • Holistic Treatments vs. Medicine
  • Extraterrestrials vs. Cosmology
  • Make Money Online vs. Traditional Employment

In each of these areas, most skeptics aren't trying to evaluate evidence to learn the truth of some matter, they've chosen to believe one side of an argument and focus solely on debunking the other side. They treat believing in one point of view as being wholly incompatible with believing anything from the opposing point of view and simply doubt for the sake of doubting.

It is absolutely possible to make your living online. I am doing it as are hundreds of thousands of other entrepreneurs in an almost limitless variety of ways. Some sell hard goods, some sell information products, some sell their expertise through consulting, some sell products on commission through affiliate programs, some sell ad space on their websites, and some use the internet to funnel business into their offline sales funnel. In fact, the most successful online entrepreneurs are doing a little bit of each.

Their paths to success are varied, but make no mistake that your dreams of earning a living online are not only possible for you, but are being lived by more people than you suspect (although not by as many as who claim!).

The point here is that I don't want you to mistake my criticism of what I've discovered to be ineffective or inefficient beliefs or strategies as skepticism in what can be accomplished through online business. My goal is to provide a counterpoint to many of the claims made by internet marketers that will minimally hold you back if you believe them and could potentially derail you to the point where you'll never be successful.

In any case, there are many paths to follow to financial freedom through the internet and many people offering to sell you their maps and travel guides. But, there's no escaping one simple truth: you must take the steps. Hopefully I can help limit your wrong turns and keep you moving forward.

Eric E. Smith is a freelance web developer, iconoclast, and dispenser of unconventional internet marketing wisdom (that means he's not selling any “Get Rich Quick" schemes). He promotes building your online business on a strong foundation through small action-oriented steps. When you're tired of all the hype and ready to discover how to take positive action to build a long-term business success, try Just a Dollar a Day


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Lazy Eye - It May Not Be What You Think It Is
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