Who Loves Money? Or More Specifically Who Really Loves Money?

Ade Martin

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We all love money and we all want it - loads and loads of it, but heck it's an elusive commodity especially when you've got a mortgage and kids. There has been book upon book written on how to make money but until you learn to LOVE money it's just another commodity to buy things with.

So Who Loves Money? Just about everybody. There are few people who wouldn't be interested in making more income to improve the lifestyle of their family. Which brings us round to the current craze for trying to build an online business.

The time to make money is whenever an opportunity presents itself. The problem is that just about everyone will either never realize the opportunity or they will hesitate to take advantage of the situation perhaps because there is a financial, mental or physical input required which becomes an obstacle.

People will quite happily spend thousands of dollars and put in any amount of time for a hobby but even those who say they really want to build an online business just wont find the resources to make it happen. Negative thinking is worse than not doing your Due Diligence on an opportunity. Are these people who love money? Unfortunately not. They are still thinking of money as a means to an end and not an intimate bedfellow.

Finding ways to make money is a something that most people worry about. The best time to make money is always right now. Learning how to make money is a skill that can be learned just like any other skill. It's not rocket science and is quite methodical. Not everybody can be a quick thinker and has the resources to jump on Billion dollar opportunities but we all have it within ourselves to earn a respectable $60K - $100K+ every year.

So, Who Loves Money? You getting there yet? Think you can learn to REALLY love money? It's a mindset nothing else. Just remember that you are the master not the dollar bill otherwise it will take over your life and you will start to hate it again. Be firm and be in control.

A question often asked is do I need to spend money to make money? Unless you are very fortunate then the answer has to be yes. It doesn't always have to be a huge amount of money but I have never found anything of real value, not in a “make-my-life-more-financially-secure-business" sense anyway, without paying for professional advice or services.

The advent of the Internet has made it possible for a handful to become Billionaires, some to become Millionaires and a goodly amount of people to make a very decent living online. Guess who loves money the most?

The problem with trying to set up an online business is that either the real pros are charging tens of thousands of dollars to mentor you and the rest of the products range from less than useless to excellent but a newbie will never be able to tell which is which because they have no experience.

And so the cycle begins of buying product after product, never focusing on any one thing long enough to make it work so they become disillusioned and think everything is a scam.

Who Loves Money is an article by Ade Martin who runs a fact finding website to present honest views and reviews to help people start building an online business with confidence. His latest review on a product called “Who Loves Money", which instigated this article, can be read at Who Loves Money Scam


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