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Self Publishing-The Art of Getting Published I know that up and coming authors struggle in writing great content daily. This is one area in of itself that some writers become clogged. Its a well known fact in the writing industry that finding the right publisher, who is willing to even read the work, is an uphill battle. As a matter of fact, you could say maybe even an impossible task. This leads to frustration as the up and coming artists knows without a doubt that they are writing excellent copy, but no one is taking the time to read that information.

It would seem to me that there are a great many politics that come into play when trying to get work published. This whole process can lead to absolutely no success and can even mean that people who really do have something timely and informative to share with the world, often never get notoriety at all.

In my own writing, I have noticed that it is often times frustrating in getting the information out to the right people. I have often thought to myself that would it not be excellent to find a system that would cut through all the bureaucratic tape and allow me to create the work I know that I can do, plus allow me to get that work published quickly and simply?

Well, I am here to tell you that I have broken new ground in that area. I was fortunate to find a gentleman, his name is Steve Cox, that is assisting me with my journey. Steve is actually a very accomplished software designer and engineer. He is also owner of MediaClick Inc. He is a developer of educational software applications. Steve's goal is to improve the efficiency of established methods.

Indeed, this is exactly what he has accomplished. His latest project, called the PocketBook is allowing authors like myself to have the ability to first write great and relevant content, then transforming that project into an iPod format. I have to tell you, I am more and more convinced as time goes by that Mr. Cox has the ability to solve the publishing woes for us forever. His system is extremely efficient and easy to use. He even takes this to a different level. His is willing, at a very modest cost, to take your information, both in written and audio and even video format, and house it within an iPod book.

If you catch the vision of this, with the millions of iPod users on this planet today, would it not make perfect sense to allow Steve to put his expertise to work for you, allowing you more freedom to express yourself in written and audio form? I can heartily agree with that statement. I am not a highly technical person, but do consistently write articles, press releases, blog post and forum posts daily. This is how I earn my living as I am a search engine optimization specialist. I know the importance of focus. Steve Cox has cut down the time needed by me to learn another system of promoting by simply using the PocketBook. I sincerely believe that he has hit the mother lode of the self publishing industry with his creative and efficient solution to the publishing woes for all of us.

Butch Hamilton is an SEO/SEM Specialist. Living on the internet has become a way of life. . . a successful way of life. His talents for obtaining top positions on the search engines have led him to the point in his life where he has always wanted to be.

Says Mr. Hamilton, “Writing has always been my passion. Gone are the days when I placed blatant ads on the internet for exposure. I have found my life's work in writing articles.

Butch Hamilton's Quote: “What we think-is what we become. "

Butch Hamilton


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