Can Preaching Action Sell?


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I’ve spent the last seven years marketing on the internet but have just recently started giving advice on how to be successful building an online business. The reason I started this blog was to fill a void I perceived in the online business market - the void for advice and discussion on how to take action.

Action has been and continues to be the single most vital aspect to my success and I’ve yet to read someone else’s success story that doesn’t include action as a primary factor in their success as well.

I think there’s a real need in the internet marketing world for realistic and straight talk on how to take action. How to take all the knowledge you’ve gained from reading internet marketing blogs, forums, and ebooks and turn that into a successful business.

The most commonly cited “take action rate” in internet marketing is 2% - just 2% of the people who purchase a product related to earning money online actually act on that information and attempt to use it.

Just 2%!

98% of you reading this article have never taken action to try to achieve your financial dreams. You’ve bought the products, you’ve listened to the advice of the experts, but you’ve never done anything with that information.

98% of this market needs help and advice on how to take action - so why aren’t there more people preaching action?

Am I being naive in thinking that there are more than a few of those 98% who would take action if they just understood a little better how to do it?

Am I being ignorant in believing that there are many people in that 98% who are ready and willing to put some time and effort into building an online business and who just need a little direction and motivation to help them get started?

Are the marketing gurus right when they say that telling someone they may have to work to succeed doesn’t sell?

I may be both naive and ignorant, but I’m choosing to believe that there’s a market for action. That you are willing to work to succeed and just need a few nudges here and there along your path to success.

Only time will tell if there’s an audience for action, but the fact is that taking action is absolutely vital to your success. If I never end up making a dent in that 98% inaction rate, at least I’ll have a clear conscience with the knowledge that I didn’t push some “get rich quick” scheme and preached the true gospel of success.

There just weren’t enough of you out there who want to live your dreams badly enough to simply act…

Eric E. Smith is a freelance web developer, iconoclast, and dispenser of unconventional internet marketing wisdom (that means he's not selling any “Get Rich Quick" schemes). He promotes building your online business on a strong foundation through small action-oriented steps. When you're tired of all the hype and ready to discover how to take positive action to build a long-term business success, try Just a Dollar a Day


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