Preparing Your Web Site For List Building

Sean Mize

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No matter how you have your web site structured now, I recommend that you change the basic structure of it so that all your traffic-bearing pages (pages that are used as main entry pages) and your index page are converted into squeeze pages.

This allows you to maximize the value of every visitor that comes to your web site. You might ask why you need to also put a squeeze page on your main page or index page if you are not sending traffic to that page.

Many times someone will get to one of your squeeze pages, choose not to opt in, but since they still have some interest in you or your site, they will simply type in your main domain name and gain entrance to your web site in that fashion. If you have put a squeeze page on that index or main page, you have strengthened your list building model mechanics, and force the subscriber to opt in to gain entrance to the other meaningful pages of your web site.

Create a Squeeze Page

So what is a squeeze page? A squeeze page is a web page that has as its only purpose the opting in of subscribers to your email list.

A squeeze page should have no outbound links except perhaps your privacy policy and a contact page. Any additional outbound links on your squeeze page drag your conversion rate down dramatically, and probably exponentially.

By forcing the visitor to opt in to your list in order to gain access to your web site, you gain an incredible psychological advantage. You see, the typical web site visitor or surfer is so used to being able to get just about any information they want online by searching for it – and with you, they cannot. They have to give you their name and email address to get more information from you. And if the visitor is properly presold before they get to your web site, you create a ‘take away’ environment – you literally drive the person to want what you have even more, by taking away the option of just getting it for free (notice that any information they get from you is not free – they have to ‘pay you’ with their name and email address.

Any additional links you put on your squeeze page cut that suspense, cut that added value drastically. I have seen some squeeze pages with pay-per-click ads on the sides. To me, that is crazy. No matter what that pay-per-click click through is worth, it can hardly be consistently worth what a click into my email list is worth to me. Plus, it takes away from the exclusive value you are creating by limiting access to anything in your web site – and frankly, I believe you are cheapening your web site when you include pay-per-click as an option on a sales funnel web page.

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