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Ten Steps And Eight Days To Google Indexing Your Site


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I am certainly not an expert but a website I recently started working on made a new record appearance(for me) on Google. I built the first page for this site on a Saturday and the following Saturday afternoon the home page showed up in the Google index.

Ten Steps to the Google Index

First I created 5 original pages. I then took 5 pages from ezine articles and posted them on my new website. All of these pages are related to the same theme. March 31, 2007

Create a Links Page

Next I created a links page and linked to several websites in the same local vicinity of my website. March 31, 2007

Create a Sitemap

I built a site map of my site with links to all of my pages on the site. I linked from all of the pages on the site to my home page and to my site map. March 31, 2007

Verify with Google

Next I verified the site with my Google account. I went to Google Webmaster Tools and followed the directions on how to verify my site. It took about 10 minutes. It is a simple process. April 1, 2007

Build a Sitemap. xml

Next I built a site map -Sitemap. xml- I searched on Google for “how to build a Site map" and found a site that built my Sitemap for me. I built a general web site map with an . xml ending. April 1, 2007

Build a Sitemap. xml page

Next I loaded my Sitemap. xml onto my website. I named the page “Sitemap. xml". April 1, 2007

Google accepted Sitemap

Next I put my Sitemap. xml URL in the box in Google webmaster tools. I checked the next day and Google had accepted it. April 1, 2007

Submit Articles

Next I submitted an article to One of the articles I wrote for my website I submitted. I changed the links on a couple of articles that had already been accepted by Ezine Article to include links to my new website. 3 links. April 1-3, 2007

Links on another Website

I have another website that I put two links onto that is in the same industry as the new website. This other website is not highly rated by Google in fact none of the pages have a page rank above zero. I thought it couldn't hurt so I dropped in a couple of links. 2 more links April 3, 2007

EBAY Auction Link

I also put a link to my new website on two of the auctions I am running on eBay. 2 more links. April 3, 2007

Checking for the Domain to Appear in the Google Index

On the morning of the seventh day it did not appear but several of the links that I had posted on EzineArticles showed up. I kept checking for the domain name on Google. Saturday afternoon seven days and 16 hours after I first listed mydomainname., the home page of my new website popped up as I searched for it. I am not linking to the website in this article because I don't want this article to impact the website traffic. The search shows Google has 180,000 pages in their index with the two words that I used in the title of my new free twowords. My new website showed up as number two. 4/7/2007

Google Webmaster Tools

I checked my Google Webmaster Tools on the 7th and the Google website did not show any pages indexed even though one of the pages was showing up in the index. Checking in Google Tools on 4/8/2007 it showed my homepage as having been indexed on 4/6/2007.

Everything I did in reference to this website I have listed here. I am amazed because I have had websites take months to finally make it to the Google Index. I plan on putting more pages on my new website and growing it. I will write updates on this websites progress on my">Web Hosting 2055 website regularly if you are interested.

I am going to log all actions I am taking on the website as I do them.

4/8/2007 put link in Googlepages forum to the new website. As of today the website has 14 total pages counting sitemaps.

4/10/2007 I put more original pages up. Total now 24 pages. Still only one page in the Google Index.

Rick Kern Website Researcher, Website builder,


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