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Earning passive income from home as you sleep is no longer a dream – it is a reality for many amateur and professional Internet marketers who earn hundreds of dollars every day. Just yesterday, I read a blog by someone completely new to Internet marketing who earned $2,000 in residual income in his first month of trying to make a living online! Online marketing offers tremendous opportunities to get rich – and you don't need to be an IT expert to do it! In fact, Part I of this guide will explain the first 5 steps of developing your first streams of passive income from home – and you can then repeat these steps over and over again until you’re so rich, you’ll never need to work again!

There are many ways to earn passive income from home, such as Adsense minisites, affiliate marketing and product creation, but this guide will teach you how to earn money as an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is generally the easiest and cheapest way to get started online, and here I am assuming that you have no knowledge of the industry to begin with.

Earning Passive Income from Home – a 10-Step Guide

  1. Choosing the Product
  2. As an affiliate, you earn money by referring buying customers to the vendor’s site. You can expect to receive anywhere between 50% and 75% of the sale price, so it’s quite easy to make $20-30 for every buying customer you refer. Therefore, your first step should be to go to an affiliate directory such as Clickbank and choose the right product to promote – look for affiliate programs that pay at least $20 for every referred customer and have high Gravity and % Referred indicators, as these indicate how popular the product it and how many of its customers were referred by affiliates. Obviously, you want to pick a product that sells well, operated by a vendor who knows how to treat their affiliates with respect.

  3. Keyword Research, Step I
  4. Your next step in earning passive income from home is to do keyword research. What does that mean? Every site on the Internet is optimized around specific keywords, such as, for example, “passive income. ” If you enter this phrase into Google, a number of websites that have been optimized for it will show up. However, you will also notice that the total number of results is well over a million! How do you compete? Well, you don’t – instead, you choose what is called a long-tail keyword, which is a keyword that contains multiple words (for example, “earn passive income online”). Note how the number of results has dropped to about 3,000 – now that’s something you can definitely compete with! By choosing a good long-tail keyword, you can easily bypass the competition and secure high rankings on Google.

    Unfortunately, you can’t just pick any old long-tail keyword and make a site around it – you actually need to know whether people are looking for it to begin with. There’s no point in securing top ranking on Google for a selected keyword if no one enters it into Google to begin with! Luckily, you can use a great free tool called “Free Keywords” provided by Wordtracker to see exactly what people search for every day! Look for keywords that have at least 50 daily searches and as little competition as possible.

  5. Creating Your Site
  6. The next big step in earning passive income from home is to create your site. There are two ways you can do this – you can either register a domain name with GoDaddy for as little as $10 and buy a hosting package (usually around $10-$25 a month), or you can create a free blog with Google’s Blogger. If you’re not looking to invest anything upfront, creating a Blogger site is a good idea, as not only is it free, but it’s operated by Google, so expect your site to start appearing in search engine results within days! The name of your site should be based on your keywords – for example, or earn-passive-income-online. Although it might look “spammy”, basing your domain name on your keywords will help you get higher rankings on Google, and that’s what you should really be after at this stage.

  7. Creating Content for Your Site, Part I
  8. Now that you have your site up and running, it’s time to create content for it! Keep in mind that you want to rank as highly as possible in search engines, and that means convincing Google & Co. that the content of your site is relevant to the specific keyword you’re targeting (in our case, “earn passive income online”). Therefore, whenever you create content, make sure your keyword accounts for roughly 2% of all words on a page. This is what is known in technical terms as “keyword density. ” Make sure your keyword density is not higher than 4%, or Google will dismiss your site for keyword spam and you can forget about earning passive income from home.

  9. Creating Content for Your Site, Part II
  10. Of course, apart from optimizing your site for a certain keyword, you should also make sure that it provides interesting and compelling content – and is liberally sprinkled with your affiliate links that refer customers to the vendor’s page and help you earn your commission! Remember, simply making a site telling people they should buy a product is not enough – you have to convince them first and get them in the buying mood. This is what is known among professional marketers as “pre-selling”. For example, your site could provide a useful guide or a lot of freebies, where you also include your affiliate links. Never make your visitors think that the site is there just to sell them a product – instead, promoting the product should appear to be a side-effect of your site, rather than your ultimate goal in itself.

Promoting your site in the right way is the key to earning passive income from home. No matter how well you optimize your site, you will still need to promote it – and promoting a small affiliate site is much different than a regular one.

Part II of this article contains steps 6 to 10 and explains how you can successfully promote an affiliate site as well as how to secure your first sales.

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