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Zack Lim

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There are a lot of different kinds of affiliate marketing programs. One of the best from of affiliate programs that you can get involved in is the residual income affiliate programs. What do you mean by residual income affiliate programs?

It can be defined as a affiliate programs where you will be able to get your commission being paid monthly as it is recurring. You can also be paid from direct sales or the sub-affiliates sales. One of the examples that we can see is the membership website. For example the merchant is offering a losing fats membership websites which is charging a certain amount monthly. If the merchant has an affiliate system in place and is willing to pay certain percentage of commissions to the affiliates who brings in the customer to join the membership sites, that affiliates will earn the commissions monthly as long as the customer is still using the membership sites.

If you have realize, there is a advantage that residual income affiliate programs has that other kind of affiliate programs do not have. That advantage is that for your one time effort, you can be paid over and over again as long as the customer is still using and paying the membership sites every month. If you are to get 100 people to sign up for the membership sites and for each person you will get commissions of $10 per person, you will be able to get a passive income of $1000 per month. This will be like passive income for you as you only need to bring the customer in and if he signs up, you will be paid monthly. Some will even allow you to earn commissions from direct sales if the customer that you bring buys other stuff too.

So where are the websites which you can find residual income affiliate programs? The 1st one is It is like a search engine where you can find the different niches to promote. The 2nd one is These 2 are the most popular programs on the internet. If you are interested, you can go to these 2 websites and take a look. I hope you will find it useful and I wish you all the best to your affiliate marketing business success.

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