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From Failing to Failure


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Many people have a very unhealthy view of success. They view success as never failing, never trying something that doesn't work.

This definition of success causes them to try some strategy or technique once and, if doesn't instantly produce results, consider it a failure and move on to the next strategy. Certainly there are situations when you should cut your losses and move on, but for many that threshold is shockingly low.

This mindset is especially prevalent in the internet marketing industry where the people who have “tried everything but nothing works" are a staple in online business forums. In fact, they probably sustain this industry as they provide an ever-frustrated and hungry customer base endlessly searching for that one foolproof strategy and willing to pay shocking sums of money for it.

They try something and, when it isn't instantly successful, move on and try something else without ever learning from any of those experiences. They view success as an all or nothing proposition and never take the time to reflect on why something they tried wasn't successful and apply that knowledge and experience to their next project.

Successful people act . They try something, they persevere in implementing it, and if it doesn't work out they learn from the experience and thus increase the chance that the next thing they try will be successful. The stairway to success is built on hundreds of these failures, each one acting to build the knowledge, wisdom, and experience necessary to succeed in the end.

Successful people fail but they learn from those failures and move on.

Unsuccessful people fail then refuse to learn anything from that failure and make the same mistakes in everything they try.

In refusing to learn, someone who fails becomes a failure. . .

Eric E. Smith is a freelance web developer, iconoclast, and dispenser of unconventional internet marketing wisdom (that means he's not selling any “Get Rich Quick" schemes). He promotes building your online business on a strong foundation through small action-oriented steps. When you're tired of all the hype and ready to discover how to take positive action to build a long-term business success, try Just a Dollar a Day


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