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So let’s say you have 11 days to maximize and explode the traffic to your website. How should you approach this feat as an online marketer within 11 days?

Let’s assume that you are a fresh newbie marketer and you haven’t attempted any online marketing yet. You do not even have an email list that you can market to and you only have $500 dollars to spend in advertising.

Now where should you begin?

Before I mention anything dealing with traffic generation, you need to first have your own website that contains a special lead capture page known as a name squeeze page. A name squeeze page is highly important for generating long term maximized website traffic due to the power of generating what I call recyclable website visitors.

An intelligent marketer knows the importance of recycling website traffic by collecting email subscribers. Any well established marketer knows that once you capture prospects information online, then you can send that very same prospect to as many websites as you want. Rather than waste the visitor to their website, they capture the visitor via a squeeze page. This lead capturing method is the master key if you want to maximize website traffic for your particular internet business.

This lead generation method that will maximize your website traffic is explained in more detail at the page below.

In order for you to maximize website traffic, it is imperative that your traffic generation strategy involves the combination of multiple traffic streams. In order to sustain a very consistent stream of targeted traffic, you must diversify your portfolio of traffic generation methods so that you want receive a terrible hit to your business if one of your site promotion methods fail.

Therefore, I decided to list just a few of my best traffic generation methods. If you want to maximize web traffic in a week and a half, then you must utilize all of these methods and spend at least 30 minutes a day on each method.

1. Write a report and distribute it through viral mechanisms

In other words, write a free report and allow others to pass this report along to their friends and colleagues. You must have a special offer or compensation plan for anyone who decides to giveaway your report. How you compensate the referral will determine the long term success of your viral campaign.

Just write your report and spend 30 minutes every day contacting potential website partners to see if they would be willing to distribute your free report.

2. Start writing and submitting at least 3 articles every single day.

This is probably the most tedious process, but if your time is precious, you can just outsource this work. Otherwise, just write 3 informative articles per day and submit these articles to This whole process may take up an hour per day to do, instead of the previously mentioned 30 minutes per method.

3. Write a Press Release and submit it through

4. Start a PPC campaign using Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Just continue to add an extra ad group or set of keywords to each of the campaigns that you set up via these ppc networks. Do this for 30 minutes per day.

Now these are 4 steps that I attempt to do in order to maximize my website traffic. If you commit to at least 30 minutes every single day to steps 1, 2, and 4, you should see a lot of responsive traffic in 11 days. Just stick with the plan and you will not fail.

Melvin Perry is an internet entreprenuer that specializes in building large email lists within a matter of weeks. He curently teaches marketers via free step by step video how to earn thousands monthly through the list building model. You can snatch this report at no cost by visiting FREE Internet Marketing Videos


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