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Increase Response From Email Opt-In Leads - Whitelist Your IP Address


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Having your IP address on a white list is an important way to increase your response from your opt-in subscribers. First though, you need to understand the difference between a white list and a black list. Blacklists are lists of alleged or identified people who knowingly send out spam. This is a list you must avoid being put on at all cost! The white list, on the other hand, is a list of credible opt-in mailers. A list you definitely do want to be on!

Internet Service Providers battle constantly with trying to eradicate spam! It's a daily problem which compromises up to half of all email messages they handle! If you're ever accused of “spamming", you run a high risk of losing your IP address and email. Whitelisting means you have a list of ISP's and/or email addresses that are never refused on the first try, in other words - a darn good list!

If you wish to give your server a break and cut back on it's mail load, use the white listing feature. It will also automatically tell you if incoming email is legitimate. Mail addressed to random names at your domain will be discarded. Let's face it, any feature that helps to cut out spam is a good feature!

Whitelisting is the only way to completely block out spam. Traditional anti-spam filters compare incoming emails with spam content patterns. These patterns are derived from past spam mailings, so only very obvious or unoriginal spam will be caught. Whitelisting can sniff out even the most creative spammers!

The concept of white listing is simple. Mail will only be delivered if it's from a trustworthy source. The list will contain every email address in your business and personal directory, or any address you put on the list. It's completely in your control! If you choose this route, you should have at least one mail drop box besides your inbox. This allows for any incoming mail from someone you don't know, which you may actually welcome, to be handled in a more secure manner.

With white listing, you'll need to ensure that leads put their sending address in the proper place when signing up with you. This is especially true if they themselves have address filters or content blockers in place. You need to get that first mailing out successfully! Make sure your leads understand where to put your address and domain name during sign up - post it clearly! You'll want to avoid sending too may emails to the same ISP at the same time. Even too many emails with the same heading may become suspect, and you could wind up having to defend your intentions.

Lastly, you may want to urge new subscribers to white list your address. Post directions or a link on your site to quickly and easily point them in the right direction. Ideally, you'll want to do this before your first mailing, including the confirmation. If you follow these tried and true steps in white listing, it will not only keep you and your leads reliable, but will ensure fewer hassles and more business in the future.

Glenn Cutforth is a writer, graphic designer and publisher of quality eBooks at Maxx Publishing

If you're interested in getting started with a Home Based Online Business, you'll find a wealth of information, tips and resources at his website, Guide To Online Success at


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