Who Is a SuperBlogger?


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There is a new bread of bloggers out in the blogosphere. They are called Super-Bloggers. You have the Super Rich, Super Affiliates and Super Marketers now we have Super Bloggers.

What makes a Super Blogger?

1. They use wordpress as their blogging platform. Wordpress is the most flexible and stable blogging platform. Their wordpress blog will have thousands pages of post and hundreds single pages. Even if there is duplicated content on their wordpress blog, search engines won’t panelize them for it because they use specialize plugins to get away with this.

2. They have a custom design theme for their blog because they understand their unique presence and want to stand out of the crowd. They will never use a freely distributed theme as it below them.

3. They have 10,000 readers or more. If you think you are a super blogger and want to claim to be one forget it. Super bloggers have a huge readership database. It takes 3 to 7 years of blogging to get to this level.

4. They write exclusive content not available anywhere else. That’s why they have that huge readership. The content they write in their post are unique and not available online for a week or so until some person knock off and copy their ideas and post it on their blogs. Then you will see it every where else.

5. They may not be making money but if they choose to they can make $6,000 or more daily. Most super blogger’s come from a time where making money from their blogs is like the biggest taboo. However if they choose to start making money from their blog they can easily make $6,000 or more daily hands down.

6. Super bloggers take what they do best and increase their value by placing their business on the internet.

7. Super bloggers are excellent in building relationships with other bloggers and their readers. They are well known because they make good friends. They some how has discovered the art of building relationship online. They will have die hard supporters who will support them till the very end.

8. They will spend hundreds on advertising every month because they know to get traffic to their site they have to spend money and they are lazy to do any of the free traffic methods.

9. They blog once every week. They believe in quality rather then quantity. They might be doing this now but when they started blogging, it used to be 3 – 5 posting daily.

10. They say jump and everyone jumps because they appear to be an authority in their niche. Super bloggers are viewed as an authority in their niche and nothing you do or I do can change that.

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Who Is a SuperBlogger?
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