The Dangers of a Blogging Spouse

Shane Woods

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Creating and maintaining blogs have quickly become popular because it is a convenient way to impart personal thoughts and air emotions and get comments and opinions from people who read your blog. Given this concept, it may seem that only really brave people can blog especially since a blog entry can be read by virtually the entire network of Internet users all around the world.

The truth however is that some people who blog are lulled into a false sense of security when it comes to sharing blog entries perhaps because they may feel a certain sense of anonymity when they don't have to communicate face to face with people.

This fact can be good therapy but unchecked, it can lead to some complications. For instance you have a blogging spouse or a spouse that maintains a blog and uses this to air feelings and emotions. In this case your blogging spouse used his or her blog as a personal online diary. The problem with an online diary is that other people can read it.

Even if your blogging spouse restricts the allowed viewers of his or her blog entries, there will still be other people reading it. The problem may then be when your blogging spouse chooses to share some information in the interest of clearing his or her mind and getting other's opinions on the matter.

The first problem that may arise in the occasion mentioned above is that you may feel that your blogging spouse has divulged too much personal information to others for your own comfort. The tension will be between allowing your blogging spouse to have the freedom to exercise his or her freedom of expression without trampling all over your rights to privacy. If this is the case, you will need to discuss some ground rules to your blogging spouse so that both of your rights and privacy is respected by each other.

Another problem that may arise from have a blogging spouse is that your spouse may be easily swayed by opinions from blog viewers who want to share their opinions on the entry. It may be that you and your blogging spouse had a tiff and to process and let it out, your spouse decided to blog about the incident. Naturally, being your blogging spouse's entry, it can appear to show a bias and readers may not see it that way and begin to take sides and give opinions that may upset your spouse more than should be.

This is why it is important to talk and communicate with your blogging spouse about the importance of understanding that decisions and discussions about differences within the marriage should only be done between the two of you and if he or she insists on blogging about it then they should be prepared to read opinions they may not want to have to deal with.

Aside from problems with having a blogging spouse, there is also an opportunity to have fun. Perhaps it would be nice to have your own blog so that you and your blogging spouse can have an entertaining “he said, she said" thing going on to entertain visitors to your site. Just remember not to lose perspective when doing that. Also, instead of creating separate blogs, you can just combine forces with your blogging spouse and come out with a joint blog to share with your family and friends.

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